Sunday, May 8, 2011

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Because you want, because you


2 and 2 are 4 and 4 and 2 are 20,000 women ran, smiled, walked, suffered, enjoyed, but mostly they fought together against breast cancer.

sounds the alarm, it is 7 am, "today I will not go to work, five little minutes more," but ... if it is Sunday May 8, Women's Race. We looked out the window, to decide if we were going in boat or sailing boat, because yesterday I can not stop falling water. But surprise! Not a single cloud in the sky a perfect temperature and was not going to stop us anyone. We dressed and in an hour we reached the very lungs of Madrid.

is incomprehensible that after 6 editions runs continue putting us nervous, find people, phone off, where the chips are collected, we pre-race protocol.

This year we had Dora particular our heroines and Feli, and their descendants Dori and Alicia. Enjoyed non-stop race to the end, fed by the minds of people, accompanied by the morning sun and expected on the goal line for a beer on the house. I think that in these conditions it is impossible not to repeat next year.

In the group of girls, were the palindrome Diana Miriam Miriam, do not stop running, but running slowly, do not walk even a meter in the 6.5 km, with a great final sprint to the finish line and with a sense of winning . What say

member club chirlis Land, 20 minutes before they gave out was gone and only saw her again on arrival, according to sportswriters have it, was a great game for the whole race but in the end the dorsal 9893 won with a clear lead, seemed in a hurry to catch the best place for aerobics.

I'm not the only one that is already counting the days for next year, missing only 364 days!

"If you run alone, because you want"


Thursday, May 5, 2011

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I'm (almoust) back. Roh

Pipol, It's feel so good to be back! (That's me singing Eminem's ear when I get breakfast).

Cuentoles: My 155 centimeters beneath these hair cells have found homes. A house with natural gas and cable service. Already, there is nothing more to say. The theme of the move was a mess ... Few days before my mother was given by jumping off the stairs to see what happened, and happened to be made perch ankle. And my dad was not to be outdone on the bike and slammed a great time against a fourforfour ... He was admitted to VIP room and obviously Zaida was installed with the netbook there because the guy had WIFI. Question I moved in with the help of my mother and we both made shit and many bruises. But I moved. Two blocks from where I lived before, therefore a 2 blocks from my laburo. 2 blocks from the bus stop. But with a stove in the room. And cable. And the larger bathroom. And one more room. And neighbors who will not shit on the legs when you arrive at night at your house, but you get nervous when you realize that you hear everything wall to wall. Anyway ... I am happy, LET THE PARTY VIDASUNA!

I am also happy because I remembered the password to update here. Know that I wanted to do before but did not remember. Sorry for not passing
to visit your blogs but time is a tyrant (and my sister gives me the net, the more tyrannical yet).

Ah, how nice. I told them my life in 3 kicks. Another day I will tell when I turned my house alone casademamá-from work and took 4 different groups (something that clearly is made with 2 buses) ... Well, .. I could not travel in bondi! (Yes, I was 18 CALLENS NOT WANT TO SEE THE LAUGH).

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where To Buy Tire Chains Vancouver

1 - 0

All the engine room and slept in the aisle machines.

I am one of those people who do not get sick often. And when I get sick, me sick. Nor are serious things. But a common angina can let me throw wild two weeks or three, or four ... With fever, delirium, and all inclusive.
On Wednesday I was threatened on Thursday I noticed there was an invisible hand pressed my throat preventing me from running free through the prado.Y what I did? The shat all. I left the laburo and went to the clinic.
If there's anything I hate in life is to go to the clinic. And it is not fear of doctors ... It's because I'm sick (more) having to wait 3 hours as an asshole until they deign to serve you. The worst thing is that I always fall asleep in the waiting room and I wake up frightened face thinking I'm there for 15 hours.
question that is treating me very cornered a doctor who was also young and beautiful. Lexpliqué: "Look, I have no desire to be sick and typing in 10 days, so I come to medicate me and you do pitocatalán to the throat." Looked at me laughing and said I had laryngitis about to be seen.
phone battery size pickups.

The mempastillé crapped all and great entertainment. And last night I went out as felíh.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alakay Toys Madagascar

Clinic Run Lola Run. Stripped

I used to be a person who does not laugh at the fall of others. Today I realized
I became one of those mares that make off with laughter as soon as he stares at sopi.
My co-worker is one of those mines that run all the time. No, not a way of saying ... Mountain run. Run to enter, run to exit, run to the toilet and runs to return. And today ... The bell rang announcing that you richer than you have exited the coffee, you have to return to laburar. The mine faced ... Ran ... Arriving at his job slammed on the brakes .... And he went on coté with arms raised. As if doing the wave. Sola. And the wave is coming because he turned gerous. The mine was closed with a face of indignation and says "Oh hey, no big deal. As soon as I hit" and gets to work.
I watched the scene in silence. But in the face. I experienced full. And the corners of his mouth were up to me. Wanting to smile. And I smiled ... And a laugh out of me. There I ran into the bathroom to recontrarecagarmebienrecagada laughter.
And what gave me pleasure.

I fell many times: In the bondi in the ditch in a ditch, in the square in the middle of the avenue, on the street, at home, in front of a bar ... And always, always had someone by my side laughing.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Does 85 Mean For Hemoglobin

home. Damn

This is it. We are 155 centimeters
of tired of this shitty life.
a month ago I reported that I leave the house (yes, at least one month is better than the 5 minutes it gives you Big Brother). And I walk with the ball without looking roof handle.
That cop is that, for the love of Bono , let me fucking.
Yesterday I saw an apartment near the house of my mother, half kid, goes the same as this ... AND HAS PULLED! I mean, I complained of the allowance that I have here ... But at least I have in the kitchen sink, you see. That's a filth. Above the sink basin is 3 blocks from me in the kitchen. Not to say that the laundry room has no ceiling. And I will not leave my washing machine unprotected. So that dept. is to confirm .
Today I toured much of Ezeiza and bought more numbers Golden Pages. I called and you just convinced me. To be seen in person. Tomorrow
touches me flown by the Jaguel. I guess after desolately'll walk around Luis Guillon. Because here, in Monte Grande ... NO SHIT (And there are equivalent to a violation of 3 Africans at a time, and dry).

Anyway, I'm tired, sad and angry at having to leave (mainly because I'm living here 2 houses and my laburo that there is nothing to give ). I have wanted to eat
sinrepetirysinsoplar fourth ice cream. That just stick a nice cold Stella Artois, a pair of Dr. Lemon Vodka and then with a frizz (color of choice, I love them all equally), then eat a fool. Volvermelo ice throw up and eat. And then I fell asleep, and wake-todapegoteada a new home ... With a permanent contract:)

What will it? Is able transladar near my laburo?

PD: Tell me honestly if I was tempted to leave their rooms and subalquilarmelas. Media stack guys, I have no where to put the PC!

Monday, April 11, 2011

How Much To Tip Brazalian Wax


Zaida (my amazing younger sister), recently entered the age of 16, came to dance.
organized, bought clothes and they are stung. So
. Just like that. Sale
with friends to dance the chick.
takes a lot and realizes ... And just sit and take gas until you pass the dizziness.
And by the way, rises to a disservice with which they share a 'stop' kiss'.

has totally shocked me the fucking asshole. I left at 16 to dance ... A secret. And the first thin he kissed me was like a bowling alley after 10 starts. And it took almost nothing ... My relation to alcohol actually began at about age 20.

Youth is going to hell ... And I watch from outside.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Where Can I Get A Gingevectemy?

Heeeey! No paper! Mom? Dad? ¿Anyone?? ♪ cueeeenta

Everything has an end ... It all ends.
Si. It's sad but it is.

You used your last 5 handles to buy a Lays and you realize that you lasted as much as a fart in a basket.
Currency and used them to buy you smoked butts loose while returning to your home.
I bought a Cindor and you got off the shells with the first glass.
you when you put together the courage and took out to pay the music player would envy Tiesto and I was fired from laburo and thus finalize your sexual organs through a straw.
you did the string and bought A Chinese Tale in the kid's board and two counters for the station and you realize that from the minute 32:25 is not shit.

is hard and cruel, but it happens.

It happens when you nailed 3 slices of pizza and you realize that in the fridge all you had was drinking what was left of tomato puree.
It happens when you gave the coins to the newsagent, because I felt sorry for the poor man ... and the fucking machine group NO TE LEE CARD!

It happens when you think that you have the cow tied ... And when you're going to milk you realize that goes trotting down the neighbor's field ( and over, even if not attached, it stays there ).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why Did Gerber Stop Making Blueberry Buckle

1. I realized that is : Addictive blog. While not post often, reading them alive.
2. I realized that I speak : Up to the elbows.
3. I realized that I love: Music, books, intenet, alcohol, fuck, my friends. I love everything and everyone, I am a troll.
4. I realized that I have: little patience.
5. I realized that I missed: time waiting for things
6. I realized that marriage is: Something succeeding at a very distant. Now it is a utopia.
7. I realized that somewhere, someone is thinking AT ME! Will my mom?.
8. I realized that I will always be: Petisa.
9. I realized that I like: The party! Wipuuuuuu.
10. I realized that the last time I cried was: Mother's Day to watch a movie with my mother.
11. I realized that my phone is: Indispensable and cutest thing happened to me. Nokia do not break ever.
12. I realized that when I woke up: was late. And there was plenty of sunshine.
1 3. I realized that before I go to bed last night: I was on the outside in shirt and trousers and had to grab the keys with a stick through the window.
14. I realized that now I'm thinking: What movie see you tonight.
15. I realized that babies are someone else's problem.
16. I realized that: I send the signal ♫.
17. I realized that today I: I slept like a deranged, face up removing the medium and when I saw the mirror, I screwed up on their feet.
18. I realized that I'm going to sleep tonight: afternoon, because I sailed on siesta.
1 9. I realized that tomorrow I will go: to work. And looking for a new home.
20. I realized I mean: Nothing bolóh live alone. If you want to say something here goes: "I'm going to be homeless."
21. I realized that my favorite thing right now is: My TV with a corresponding DVD player and coffee table with casters. Wi.
22. I realized that the best time of day: is when I shut down everything and prepare myself to sleep.
23. I realized that going to school: was re cute. Snif.
24. I realized that in five years: I'll have 29. Wtf. I want to go to choooo.
25. I realized that the world is re grosso and never fully known. Unless you choose me as a girlfriend Fort permamente.
26. I realized I can not: be silent. Need to listen to radio / music / TV.
27. I realized that true friends: are few but worth it.
28. At the end of everything, I realized that: Business as usual.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Old/rare Wrestling Shoes

I found I have no idea, but here we are.

I have so many want to write ... I do not know what the fuck tell.
not write before because I was more odious than what I used to be.
'm fine now ... Okay . And I have little thing to be right. is rare.
whoring is rare not go through life hating the roc with loud music on the cell group or the asshole who is behind me in line and does not stop SHOUTING.
What worse was that the baby's mother said "I forgot to duck" and I laughed, I RECAGE laughing about it. And that in me is not normal .
My sister gave him the Netbook, at school .. Die of envy, but he grabbed it and solve the tasks while I'm in bed listening to music. Bone ... What is this crazy?
Hacete hate stupid.

Pfff. Posting strange, but those that fill you with pleasure for having made a new upload to the dilapidated and neglected blog.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Result of diagnosis, after spending Javi for the "Workshop" Gasket burned, with loss of clutch fluid. Evaporated water to the washer. Torn cushions ditches and slight nod to the right of her vehicle due to failure in parallel. We recommend not leaving the garage and if it goes up hills not continuously monitoring revolutions in the plains and downs.

Podium (Do not be the last)

Any reason we better for sports. The Vamoyapaya arrived on time for your appointment, despite the change of time and one hour less of sleep. The two new members of the Club, Ana and Antonio, this islet donned their slippers. This is no longer Quie it stop! Each rider got on well studied his race strategy: Xavier and Antonio to death. Ana conservative with a lap and Star still looking at his watch. Much planning, and few nuts. The two lap, full slides, were more rapid than expected. At the end everyone agreed it was a wonderful morning.
Cristina and Mabel, the Covibar, were dropped from the race, leaving his seal of Cristina, the second in its category (46'16'') Mabel was master of ceremonies for his brother.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Claude Garnier
smoke obscures everything slips through the cracks in my feet floorboards.

The whole house, everything seems to have broken down and looks like a final, vulgarity has grown ... It has become master of the situation.

look out the window one last time. A sign outside, with red letters reads, prays: Adapt.

I separate the basement from the attic, I keep my best pictures up there. I keep them away.

is best not to start anything, sit still when appropriate, move when the time comes.

Things change, says a song cycles are met, will end the winter. Stop

not lose me say, I gather strength for wait

Harnessing quiet moments of silence and calm. Looking out the window. And ice, pure water.

returning Spring ...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Homemade Canoe Stabilisers


"My quick and my fast had a baby Called SPEED"

Neither time, nor distress, adversity, could appease the anger contained within a human body. A body that did not run, floated, flew, as wind-driven kite, but the wind was not moving air, was a being with four legs can not bear to see a living in front of him during his rapid march.

One leg, then a leg and another leg and another leg more so in the 1600 meters, where, this time, everything was in favor of these two lost souls. No distractions, no smell, no pain, only anger that his heart was pumping every muscle, every cell, there is no rival who can hold their own pace.

Finally the desired goal, last glide and landing smoothly. Yes yes this time. A big farewell until next year.
Just one more thing.
"My Better Is Better Than Your Better"

Surprise in the starting line will be 400 meters lower than expected, this is certainly going to adventure , as soon as you double the distance of travel as they take away half. But who cares? We are going to enjoy and have fun, no pressure, no sanctions for judges, go to "every man for himself", something they call the popular race. Travel
plain, without mud, no slopes, no river, "but this is a Cross?, Would that all were well. Take advantage while we can and give every last breath. (You have to give a bit of professionalism to the chronicle).

I love, I have no words to describe this new modality, sprint uncomplicated stories, just a fuzzy feeling, a kind of mixture of suffering and joy to be there running, but not alone, corresponding with your faithful companion.

know when we will not run, just know that we run.

(by Miriam)

Music Recommended reading:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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glorious week for the elite of Vamoyapa . While some holgazaneábamos in the House, James competed in the Championship of Spain of Haro, in the category was promises of Spain runner-up team with an impressive number 28, about 10 Km crossed stuck in mud in 34'13.'' ROAD TO GLORY. Navarrete
championship in Madrid took third place and confirmed his place for the championship in Spain next weekend in Sabadell . To infinity and MAS ALLA
Adrian opened at 400 after a few years as innkeeper. First race, second place and a minute pelao . DOES THE FUTURE WARINER SPANISH?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Windowblinds No Install


Few places are as appealing to runner as Casa de Campo on Sunday morning. If above is for a good cause, even better. Second installment in the Race against rare diseases. Good reason halfway through the season to prove sensations. But in our case as we are always in a permanent state of "early season" almost say that every race is like the first race and so never stop to surprise ourselves.
could lead a race strategy, with preheating , memorized the steps in time for the miles and all these things that count in magazines. But no, there were , under the arch of departure, Santi, Star and myself, arriving late after a jam than an hour, without having pissed and surprising with people so rare that runs.
output is given and make personal record in 200 meters . Immediately we realize that we are 4,800 mt s to recover . Then start looking for distractions to absorb fatigue and discouragement. (How cool that T) (this tree is the kind ...)( But you can take that ... with this pint). When
mile remains to the goal, the group that travel is a stable group, all you carry pace and with them you take a long time. Those who would quickly go ahead and those who were slower, were left behind. Suddenly it generates a non-aggression pact in the group, which no rate increase that took him to pm And if we put a contract will sign all come together.
But everything changes when you see the finish arch. Now it seems that we do not know, if you've seen and I do not remember to start sprinting as saying (Hey, I just went with you to make hare) (because I do not advance either of joke ) behind people who had not seen it go really fast ( fuck, this has left behind a tree ). And you get to the goal and eventful five minutes and you're thinking that if you had led a race strategy had been faster. But what the heck, there will be other races to go so rprendiéndonos .
For statistics, saying that Star frame number 11 in its category of 157. Santi downgraded more than two minutes his previous record and I cataloged more than 15 tree species during the trip. AMAZING

Monday, February 21, 2011

Average Cost Of Fitness Bootcamp

GALAPAGOS ( mud to the ears)

requirement for participation in the canicross Galapagar: Learn to swim and enjoy skin treatments with mud. Once there the same as always, this is already a great family spends a day in the field with binge included.

The hour of departure approaches, the workshop tell us the rules of play and the race course, passing beside a cross, yes this is the highest point of the hill over angled, the highest mountain we had ever seen, or so it seemed to us. Also warn us that everything is completely muddy, but not to worry about that at the end of the route would pass by an automatic rinse, then in effect to complete the route should cross a river about 40 cm deep and 3 or 4 feet wide, camaraderie camaraderie would stay. The race begins

Yeicob Adrian and his faithful companion out guns without fear of anything that stood in his way, we hide our loyal viewers as usual, we see Adrian in the distance the first, but .... Suddenly the wind changed direction, we vented Yeicob smells, despite being very hidden, and feel, not to continue, many will forward at the time, but this time Adrian did not give up and finish the race, not the first but not the last (promise not to leave the car next time.)

reversed, rather, harnesses shot, now I am just at the start, frightened by the cross, we warn that the popular race will not have to go up to kiss her but that the river would also have to cross, lest the whole Manchare village of mud.

The Cross nicest I've ever run, accompanied us the time, people, dogs . But what can I say, if this is the first time I run, but hopefully not the last.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

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Valdemorillo Cross Marchamalo

When you summon a cross in a new circuit, there are things to avoid: that the first test is so early that the night is calling camera. Let there be fog, which is not given access to or near any urban area you may designate. If not ... you have to delay the tests 1 / 2 hour until the riders can go.
Covibar But the much-traveled we are arriving on time. The delay caused the warming for the first race had stop-stretch in the bar to avoid frostbite, -3 º C. After warming started the race for juveniles. Álvaro , Adrian, and Manolo Lucas after a early start of órdago and the rheum in the eye leaving with the exit massive a hard course ice cream, and strong on the slopes.

Álvaro, the first ambitious effort paid miles on the slopes of the second round. Still had the strength to correct and enter with Adrian.

Adrian, he is the trick to catching crosses, knows that his performance should be progressive and not melt in the first stakes. In the penultimate recovered 15 posts. Great race!

Lucas is a physical marvel. Despite the few races held, he looks better every day. Left forces, as demonstrated by jumping a fence two feet high, just like that in the absence of 200 m to the goal when others could not even lift his shoes.

Manolo the north. How can you run with ties to -3 º C and snowing? Cold! Came the first team, was worth the early start.
The four crossed the line almost clustered in a handful of seconds and made the 10 th place team. Good team!

Dani and Sergio. They could team up in its category. A pity! Then came in the position 14 º and 16 º with the simple motivation of running for running. Pulling calculator and view points of others could have been classified as a team for the Championship of Spain if they had two other companions, but one of them was lame.

Risi and Jaime had no team, even when there were more places to teams for the championship of Spain. Another shame! Risi had a spectacular career for which he usually does, is dropped at the beginning and started his comeback. 9 th place, 40 seconds. Jaime in the 9.5 km toughest in which he competed. A real crack!

Jaime continues to surprise. I wanted to go to the Championship of Spain and as a team was not done with the 4 th as ranked him directly. Tactical race, he left to go to Villa and Jimenez Moro who knows very well and finished last in the chase. Some tried to transition to the leading group, but it blew. Jaime was one to one dating back to go top of their group and in 4 th overall.

James IV and III of Madrid (long live the king).

is the first time you do a review on the blog to the author of many good athletes Covibar. But we will not refer to him as a coach but as a runner who is another side. In the senior trial representing the Canal, left blue impeccable taste continuous stride, as we know so far had only walked. What happened had to happen "lack of rhythm" by calling in some way thin. It is not the same thing hurdling the high jump, although both the obstacle is skipped over. We will follow closely.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Funny Soundig Spanish

canicross (and runs better) SAN SILVESTRE

Despite the frigid temperatures on Sunday reigned throughout the country, the three representatives VAMOYAPAYA bravest put on his shoes to give the best cross. Adrian's race was delayed for an hour waiting to the last row of the previous race that made its way into goal with all junior and placed under the arch out. The delay at a temperature of -2 º nicks made between young riders, but even the dogs suffered from the long wait. Finally he heard the whistle and ended output tension. Some dogs came and confused and going through Yeicob public area, like a good tracking dog who is our photographer spotted in the crowd, stopped short and ran back in your search. Tense moments Adrian invaded because Yeicob did not want to run. He made several attempts to continue the race, but there was no way and finally abandoned. A pity because it was a favorite in its category. Cheer up, locked the next time a photographer in the car with the windows closed!
little mishap after the race was popular and as well the name says everything here runs what has four legs. This time Yeicob showed that his is running down the field and Estrella was as fast as possible forgetting the bitter cold. Very inconvenient at km 1.5 is stopped plant a pine in a field that made them lose a couple of posts. Gradually they were going up again to cross the finish between the first and put a nice souvenir medal.

PS: canicross think that is an easy sport, is confused. Here not only is it the speed of the two team members but also the affinity and communication between them with an animal that is not easy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dolly Parton Cogiendo

promising future.

Last night I discovered how I will continue living.
\u0026lt;----- Based on Dr. Lemon!

Si. It's my favorite drink when I walk from bar to bar at night.
The other day I went to Chinese friend. Comment aside: My friend is the cashier at the flea market and told me that the owner is called CHAN. It's the most jajajajajajaja. Well, I went to the Chinese and grabbed 3 bottles of this glorious drink, which I decided to open last night.
I steep one after another and was requetefelíh.
How beautiful it is drunk alone!!

hope came from a LPM liters.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chicken Pox And Masterbation

VALLECANO 2010 (4x10.000)

Another year and this is the fifth, ending 2010 honoring San Silvestre. This issue has brought us some news, as start half an hour earlier. Great, if everyone notices it and do not arrive late for an appointment with your colleagues. Another novelty is that the four waves of runners carry an interval of fifteen minutes, which makes the test in four races of 10,000 meters . This year he wanted to run the San Silvestre, has been let off steam without agglomerations or funnels.
The organization has been a little austere than in other years and we missed some screen and a music group, encouraging the halfway. But it has been supplied with the warmth of the people, that this year if it has gone overwhelmingly to the street. In terms
short, the journey was as follows: those of the Mutual arrived late and did not see during the race, but I've been told that this year have run to gorging . The times obtained are similar to those of other issues, so we give them the nickname "the guardians of the hour."
Star and Javi , not to spend the year scratches last three were wearing jerseys , two raincoats, four hats and an umbrella. At km 2 had plenty to socks "summer temperatures." Adrian
the early risers came out with the first wave of the rapids, is found in Navarrete km 2 and were in Charleta to 3, after reaching goal were looking to finish conversation. Santi
walked the first three miles to Estrella and Javi , with its characteristic smile. Arriving at the Puerta de Alcalá, the was staying, was winding down, it was stopping, dismounted, walked, shuffled his feet and then stopped. Later he went running but it was not the same. "And you can put the batteries."
Jaime, Risi and Gamino, participated in international another level, with the elite with crem crem of . You need only see the graphic a broker with one of popular elite, while the first depending on the terrain goes up and down the pace of the race, the elite of h0rizontales are straight .
time since 47----------
32'37''Gamino # 102 ------
time 34'22''Risi
as 118 - time ----------
34'34''(there is nothing more to say)

Moreover, this year more than 35,000 souls were in Vallecas , this is an epidemic with no cure or vaccine. We are condemned