Sunday, January 23, 2011

Funny Soundig Spanish

canicross (and runs better) SAN SILVESTRE

Despite the frigid temperatures on Sunday reigned throughout the country, the three representatives VAMOYAPAYA bravest put on his shoes to give the best cross. Adrian's race was delayed for an hour waiting to the last row of the previous race that made its way into goal with all junior and placed under the arch out. The delay at a temperature of -2 ยบ nicks made between young riders, but even the dogs suffered from the long wait. Finally he heard the whistle and ended output tension. Some dogs came and confused and going through Yeicob public area, like a good tracking dog who is our photographer spotted in the crowd, stopped short and ran back in your search. Tense moments Adrian invaded because Yeicob did not want to run. He made several attempts to continue the race, but there was no way and finally abandoned. A pity because it was a favorite in its category. Cheer up, locked the next time a photographer in the car with the windows closed!
little mishap after the race was popular and as well the name says everything here runs what has four legs. This time Yeicob showed that his is running down the field and Estrella was as fast as possible forgetting the bitter cold. Very inconvenient at km 1.5 is stopped plant a pine in a field that made them lose a couple of posts. Gradually they were going up again to cross the finish between the first and put a nice souvenir medal.

PS: canicross think that is an easy sport, is confused. Here not only is it the speed of the two team members but also the affinity and communication between them with an animal that is not easy.


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