Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Result of diagnosis, after spending Javi for the "Workshop" Gasket burned, with loss of clutch fluid. Evaporated water to the washer. Torn cushions ditches and slight nod to the right of her vehicle due to failure in parallel. We recommend not leaving the garage and if it goes up hills not continuously monitoring revolutions in the plains and downs.

Podium (Do not be the last)

Any reason we better for sports. The Vamoyapaya arrived on time for your appointment, despite the change of time and one hour less of sleep. The two new members of the Club, Ana and Antonio, this islet donned their slippers. This is no longer Quie it stop! Each rider got on well studied his race strategy: Xavier and Antonio to death. Ana conservative with a lap and Star still looking at his watch. Much planning, and few nuts. The two lap, full slides, were more rapid than expected. At the end everyone agreed it was a wonderful morning.
Cristina and Mabel, the Covibar, were dropped from the race, leaving his seal of Cristina, the second in its category (46'16'') Mabel was master of ceremonies for his brother.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Claude Garnier
smoke obscures everything slips through the cracks in my feet floorboards.

The whole house, everything seems to have broken down and looks like a final, vulgarity has grown ... It has become master of the situation.

look out the window one last time. A sign outside, with red letters reads, prays: Adapt.

I separate the basement from the attic, I keep my best pictures up there. I keep them away.

is best not to start anything, sit still when appropriate, move when the time comes.

Things change, says a song cycles are met, will end the winter. Stop

not lose me say, I gather strength for wait

Harnessing quiet moments of silence and calm. Looking out the window. And ice, pure water.

returning Spring ...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

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"My quick and my fast had a baby Called SPEED"

Neither time, nor distress, adversity, could appease the anger contained within a human body. A body that did not run, floated, flew, as wind-driven kite, but the wind was not moving air, was a being with four legs can not bear to see a living in front of him during his rapid march.

One leg, then a leg and another leg and another leg more so in the 1600 meters, where, this time, everything was in favor of these two lost souls. No distractions, no smell, no pain, only anger that his heart was pumping every muscle, every cell, there is no rival who can hold their own pace.

Finally the desired goal, last glide and landing smoothly. Yes yes this time. A big farewell until next year.
Just one more thing.
"My Better Is Better Than Your Better"

Surprise in the starting line will be 400 meters lower than expected, this is certainly going to adventure , as soon as you double the distance of travel as they take away half. But who cares? We are going to enjoy and have fun, no pressure, no sanctions for judges, go to "every man for himself", something they call the popular race. Travel
plain, without mud, no slopes, no river, "but this is a Cross?, Would that all were well. Take advantage while we can and give every last breath. (You have to give a bit of professionalism to the chronicle).

I love, I have no words to describe this new modality, sprint uncomplicated stories, just a fuzzy feeling, a kind of mixture of suffering and joy to be there running, but not alone, corresponding with your faithful companion.

know when we will not run, just know that we run.

(by Miriam)

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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glorious week for the elite of Vamoyapa . While some holgazane√°bamos in the House, James competed in the Championship of Spain of Haro, in the category was promises of Spain runner-up team with an impressive number 28, about 10 Km crossed stuck in mud in 34'13.'' ROAD TO GLORY. Navarrete
championship in Madrid took third place and confirmed his place for the championship in Spain next weekend in Sabadell . To infinity and MAS ALLA
Adrian opened at 400 after a few years as innkeeper. First race, second place and a minute pelao . DOES THE FUTURE WARINER SPANISH?