Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wiring A 3 Way Switchto A Ceiling Fan

III (Starts heat)

I never get used to the heat. Every year around this time I always say the same thing and when the summer ends, I'm not acclimated (Is it a hoax ...?). 9h
am from 30/05/2010, which states soon, but have to get up at 7.30 on Sunday, carrying after listening to over two thousand years will rest on Sunday. The fact is that the Carrera III Liberty, not us we could lose up Santi will retrieve NDOS of an operation is said to us as a photographer. More than 8,000 runners we left behind the wheelchair racers to do the 10km in 22 minutes. The target was not defined perhaps certify that after a year and poor dog racing, we still maintain the kind and we could get closer to our brands. Star, was not about to come, a cold, but last minute he said. I am after a Saturday dog \u200b\u200band beer doubted until it was to end, but began climbing the Castellana to score below 5'km rhythms, the first installment in the shade. Finish options held 48'cuando turn in Concha Espina and there was Mr. Lorenzo, who crushed me up the hill, shook me and gave me kick your ass, returning to the race, suffocated , sweaty and exhausted. I realized that the pace had been too much for the rest of the race stand so sunny. Change of plans and new goal "to finish the race, and come the winter."
As I crawled by Prince of Vergara , seeking the last mile that never came. In order shift in Goya and costs to complete. Right now you're thinking when you come, but as there are groups in the arrival and welcoming, short and you do not know how your legs continue . In order the finish arch 49'y much, I made a tiger to a minute of my brand, yes I need several liters of beer to recover.
Star enters below the time, has taken its toll a cold. Santi waiting on the arrival to the photos (a luxury). Gatorade in abundance can repeat if you wanted.
Chema Martínez the salute at the start that earned more than enough proof, the Paralympic , jumped several radars by the Dominican Republic, quite a spectacle. Every year better.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

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A year Retiro rides were stained blue with 16,000 runners and put on t-shirts as "never will you run alone." This time I convinced my mother (all were objections and excuses for not coming) to join me in the race. Had never participated in a popular race and was a real elite runner to put your shirt back on and made his first running shoes.
Like everything you do for the first time and she impresses you the same thing happened. So many women of all ages enjoying an environment that could not be better and with an excellent temperature. We the walking tour at a good pace and the fact is that you enjoy so much and you look at details that go unnoticed always running. Obviously the slope of the Fallen Angel is still as sharp and long, but at a brisk pace does not seem so stressful. The 6 km flew like us and reach me target my mother said: "I repeat next year." With this we add a new member in the VAMOYAPAYA, a representative in the category of súperveteranas. Have to make a hole in the cabinet room for the drinks ...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Little Хххх Tееns Kid

It's nice to note that every year you better. It's nice to see how low the time one of the hardest profiles of Madrid. But what is most grateful for is to see how a population as Enhanced pours in his career of Spring each year.
To begin with we were surprised by the number of troops to protect displaced civilians in the area, 15-20 cars. C ada curve, each diversion telling you and cheering volunteers. Adrian ran his last year at more than the 3,000 meters and like every year he took his glass home (2 nd in the cadets). was not the best, nor did missing. Each year the competition is tougher.
Star was strong and decided to risk in what would be his first race with 27 and the classic rompepiernas of all ages. We started early scoring pace of 5 kilometers. " The crowds cheered and passed the 5km to a little over 25 '. We left the second round, harder and more suffocating. We were up rhythms for a solo Polygon desert, inhospitable and was on mile 8 when at the end of the mother of all uploads, which is no breath, no strength or courage a family had parked his van, unfolding chairs and started clapping and whistling as encourage it if it were a living at it, as if we were entering Olympic stadium, as if we were first. Everything changed, gritting his teeth and flew to the finish coming in 55 '. Star Cup and was second in its category.
PD. When the bike raffled s , luck smiled at us ... no matter. But I'll never forget, is the family's van.