Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brazilian Wax In Columbus, Ga

wet cloud high voltage

life treats me gently on the edge of a dead river.

stink eight hours after he enrolled at the hotel even has a mobile to call ... Takes very little to establish contact, a taxi horn, the river stinks, is lost under the bridge, he takes power, the taxi, the river, the smell ...

life treats me with kindness and forgetfulness Quote failed? "Drowned in the storm, in your voice? "Drowned in the dirty river stirred? He stopped the clock

Eight hours recorded.

shower ... It and not stink to river. Where is the Centaur?
Sing under the clean water "in the back, looking me in the mouth and eyes" in the presence of exit and the seaman himself. Welcome to the hole on to the winter
When the ice is thin you have to walk fast

Eight hours later he arrives with cello and keyless "We have come a long way." (His voice sounds like something quiet, a tomb).

act together, survive together, I'm not the woman for making me: I like cemeteries, I'll live in your verb

fail, shoot me once

between the eyebrows

Pick a monument, a cemetery, a legion of cats ... I have naturally fear.
dawn comes with a soft notes of JS Bach or some jazz of Chet Baker
I liked and I came, perplexed ¿?... knew he would never forgive me.

The river stinks of dead: your body, mine. My body coat again, I've learned something, but ... How the hell I can tell? A rabid dog ate my insides while my tangled brain. I do not remember how fuck me ice cream on marble angel.

memory Now I'm metamorphic limestone.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Linsey Dawn They Think

lack of energy
Monday-Thursday, Friday electric
your mouth
Chet Baker and his faults repaired

at stake

could be even a goal topped

heaven or melt

flight of a bird


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Keurig Can You Use Milk

past, present ... and future Taro and Capa

I'm already ... When we meet again? In their eyes, I can not conceal a little sadly.

not close the session, he says, not yet. A chat together write the screenplay for this story. Give it a title. (Any excuse keeps me dumb, I think ...)
Is the memory of the gargoyles? I suggest to evoke the mystery of the moon cast shadows on the Baroque buildings, the dark hallways near the port, his hand on my shoulder ...
Guess my nostalgia, smiles, is recreated, it proposes: Or "The memory of the oyster mushrooms" and we can continue writing in the woods, this autumn ...?

has cooled but is still summer, I shudder.

and skin experts predict a good year for mushrooms.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wireless Connector Vba-m

Gerda takes flight ascent in a stirrup.
was caught-forever-
under the force of a tank

(grabbing your sleeve, gave us a tourist and a few hours in white: white walls, white sheets, a shower of white foam on your neck, in my back. Hurry time and cold beer, the taxi arrives, lights, hands, lips, dock. Embrace. Cast, now in black ...)

Robert stepped on a mine. He was caught
(bad rhyme)
in Indochina.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Free Prom Dresses Catolgues


Splashed Perseids, his eyes cleared sea clouds Shelter summit.
He gave me guts and the summit of Etna.
No sails, no wind. Lit up the island in August.

For P.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

M Jak Milosc Online Za Dramo 809

Antonio Vega (12/16/1957 to 05/12/2009) born in April

I confess that many years ago, I fell in love with your lyrics, your voice ...
From your eyes.

And your weakness in which I recognize.
"Tell a lie Just a silly dream and no more." Three

essential songs in my life ... Thanks A. Vega.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

At What Temperature Does Pvc Break From Freezing

light April is not Easter or gipsies in the windows. It is light red carnations cheeks mouth raves. Untied

hugs among plants, hydrangeas and roses in the floor against the wrought iron fence. Mating of caged animals in the scent of jasmine gently pushed me from the pots and the arrow (oohhhh, bolt to sing) in the silence ... Insights into the light, serenity that encourages the desecration of the hooded agony.

Surrounded geraniums.

The light turns petals, the stones become petals, houses, sky, your lips, your cock, the air ... Your saliva becomes petal. Vertigo on the balcony, angry crowd. Abandonment of bare legs in the sun.

tears mixed with light devotional passion.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bathroom Tiles Towel Bar Replaceement Rod

close window

Hotel Le Royal Meridien. 00.53 am.

I keep sitting in front of the television: the dishwasher put their fingers in the pie plate to remove the grains of rice Savage 2 enters the bag in the loft in an old warehouse.

Stops the program. T wrath of a coin: expensive prize. Cruz, pizza

's a big commitment ... Pizza.

I hear his voice ... All this is too weird for me he says. Choose
If you keep whining, I invite to the wedding and I release that gave me the coffee ...


Prize ...

the morning, bring us breakfast in bed. Next to coffee and Nutella jar, I leave a load of optimism and a pasta roller, wrapped in a ribbon that says "slow down" ...

Inside, its Chinese name printed on an invitation from Shanghai TV programming.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Can A Portable Generator Be Used On A Porch

digestion (return to the list of messages)

time ago I'm not deep, superficial, deep transcendental surfaces harlequins carnival makeup, Juanes, Ferran Adrià and Wong Kar Wai. All right.

more so I do not care if you're bald or blonde, your eyes are green or hazel, midas six feet and two or if the spoon or fork is reflected as Madoz Brossa drink while I drool at kiss me or make noise while eating, not to eat.

not stand that voice put me Llongueras when you get lost without a map because I want your best Kevin Johansen to whisper in my ear "Oh, je voudrais tant your souvienne you, cette chanson était the tienne ...". But no matter.

And I like my suit jacket with heels is necessary at times "and my colored skirts because they look good on my legs and your hands to my boobs, are not what they were, your legs are no athlete but I like how you take my panties ...

And I put you, the King, with room painted on the walls, planes overhead, scribbling on the covers of pirated DVDs without biting your nails. And it is no secret that I demand less than he asked me with harshness and pauses, yes, and the crappy interior walk through the bridge railing, takes off to fly ... The exterior comes to dance when I feel like bossa navegarte. We bollywood, beauty in the window. Well worth my life.

photos by Chema Madoz