Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whatever Happened To Lotta Topp

night I came Eclipse.

which is made not understand anything. Eclipse proved cat.
and climbing.
up modem slept above the monitor into the CPU or, as the photo shows, next to the stereo.

tramp's cat decided to explore the other side of the fence.
And never saw her again.

Monday, December 13, 2010

New York State Disability W-2

Things that happened while I had no Internet:

- drove the miners of Chile.
- Leo's Hospi freed.
- I cut the grass in the courtyard.
- I went for a drink with a friend and I found a bun that is not used for some time.
- years Cynthia Met.
- I changed the look.
- I realized that if I put Speedy, there is no way around it since the other Immerse yourself fail: /
- I asked the fridge that I had paid. Snif.
- discovered that there is a yellow carbon paper.
- motoencuentro I went to Las Flores and saw The Mississippi and Catupecu Machu (L )
- I took my sister and friends to see Almost Angels.
- lost cel headphones.
- Leo seasons gave me Dr. House.
- discovered the wonderful world of drinking mate in bed watching TV.
- My sister installed The Sims Superstar and live a virtual reality.
- I bought a MP4 and this time I'm going to steal because I do not know where it hide. Lerolero for the jets.
- found a bakery close to home that sells a Milanese sandwiches you die. But hey you die. I bought one that I served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was the most. Now I think when I touch it.
- years Cynthia Met.
- I install telephone wiring. Missing device, known as PHONE.
- years Leo Met.
- Leaving fucks with the kid 'and found Sanasana (exchongoexrugbiersuperhot). I broke down and had to return home without even a hint of drunkenness or recovery of bun.
- My friend Nahir I brought a cat. Boy. Eclipse baptized him. Enter the portfolio of the lady and gentleman's pocket. And it is absolutely IN-SO-POR-TA-BLE.
- First night with the cat: Just woke up (I estimate that around 5 am) put all of himself to wake up and was not satisfied until he did. And I went to work and left him locked up and only 9 hours, puto.
- I brought my old phone and walk comolort old.
- My partner gave me a phone and now it's everything joia.
- I was happily lying on my bed drinking mate and watching House when painted and went hungry to buy. Upon returning, I found in my mailbox a face de Oca, letting me know that my home had gone through to bring me the modem and I did not hear. Tequeré
- lineup the next day I hit the ring to the curb. did not come.
- The next day itself. Came. I installed and here we are ^ ^.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Psychometric Testing For Cruise Ships


We spend a thousand things and put aside. The overlook to stay well.
And one day, one moment, one minute, one second ... It all goes to trash.
And all those things I was overlooking, you all together. There on the front, ahead of everything.
And not only that ... You realize you hold on too and now things can no longer be fixed.

And you do not have someone to turn over.
And you do not have a hand that holds you.

And you're alone ... And plotting against you.

I am very angry people. Very.
it is impossible not catharsis. I talk to all that breathes and still not feel well.

murderous rage.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why Inject Humira Into Fat?


may be considered Cross of the Constitution, as the most class in the national circuit. I usually run, Olympic and world champions and of course, our boys of Covibar that they're all cracks . In the test Queen Jaime revalidated third place last year (long live the king) but with the caveat that this year was a promise. Risi Frecia us or great as a spectacle in its heyday, ( comeback incontestable), came within a minute of Jaime in the number seven.

Youth In tests with a high level Lucas Adrian and Darius gave the fight. Lucas came out with fantastic music and the first tranche had to go listen to melodic music, it is not the pace that we are accustomed. We all expected to change the station, but was lagging behind, perhaps will spoil the radio. In Quintanar had run listening Heavy Metal, and was something else. We hope to re-tune the station.

Adrian ran the first mile with Lucas and served for your body to adapt to the effort and that he distanced many runners. Then he started to climb from behind Bekele epically to . One of the best races that I remember. Perhaps this approach career has found the secret of success. We will follow closely.

Dario's career has also been a turning point in his career. We saw from this part of the camera .., Merry, I enjoyed the test as never before. At this point, the progression can be unstoppable.

not want to end this post without remembering cheerleaders. Faithful followers of Covibar , regulars at all events, transmitting tireless encouragement. Racing without them would have no room, for many people who go to see them. A round of applause for them.

Band Ligation Exercise After

Tajuña (Orusco)

Who was going to tell me that someday he would be in Orusco Tajuña of where all the summers spent in the car with my family to address the summer resting place. Those were the days where they still wore pigtails ...
Well, I said, yesterday members Vamoyapaya had to divide in order to fulfill our passion for running . Most young participated in Cross International Constitution (see video) and veterans we participated in the Cross I of Orusco of Tajuña. First we want to applaud the initiative of Orusco CD with great enthusiasm has prepared this race and has nothing to envy the macrocarreras that have large budgets. As early registration (free) that could be done by telephone thanked us our participation and we indicated that we would have custom dorsal .

the weather is very cold and rain, but here we meet the 250 + - corridors of the whole community of Madrid and many familiar faces. The start and finish was on the football field from where we left town with a van on a timer and several bicycles that mark the way through field. The van lost sight at 1 minute to soon see the bike broom. But little by little we made going up despite the muddy field and several hills that left us breathless, but in which volunteers were waiting to cheer with applause. As we approached the entrance to town increasingly public in the streets waiting for us. Step toward the goal made us forget a blur of 7 km of hard travel.

Indeed, the dorsal was named custom writing pen . Ole the technology.
Again it is clear that to prepare for a career does not need big sponsors , but enthusiasm and excitement to convene. Popular runners who practice running for fun and do some sport, do not need anything else.
repeat next year.
(by Star)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Woman And Man Dancing Painting

Sword of Toledo (trusty sword winner .....)

One morning in Toledo, where the mud sounds harsh, the spray painted white and breath tastes like smoke. 28/11 Sunday was held on XXXII cross the Toledo Blade. Athletes from all corners of Spain to the different testing categories. Timidly went opening day and the sun gave us with his presence a little heat. The speaker also regaled us with his incessant v erborrea, which was interrupted only with the song of the master Guerrero "faithful triumphant sword "of the Sevillano Guest. But hey, let's chronic Covibar :

Starting from the end, we had reserved the showpiece day, 9.4 km of senior and mixed promises. The race started stretch in the first round and gained the cuts apart, Jaime group was relegated to two components that were as or approached nor lurking, without reference to the goal came with his traveling companion in a 5 spot in their category (promise). Good race, but it's missing the front group.

Risi running with Jaime, raised the test in different ways, conservative in assessing their strengths early laps, having been the night before the concert, had to was seen as "rhythm." A lack of half back and changed the tone of the melody and began his solo legs, one after another, until seven runners as they were humming a song with the chorus left them behind. Came on the ninth of its kind. But the last lap reminded us that Risi of old. Other races have to wait to see if Risi is back.

test Dani went slow, stop, still. The group was comfortable and Dani in sauce for a medium distance runner in the bunch arrival possibilities offered . But they sent did not want to risk it and changed the pace. Dani as General Moscardo in the siege of the Alcázar tried to stand, but the attack was terrible was immense distance (6 km) were not seventy days as the siege of the fortress, but 20'58''that led him to fifth place. A whole epic.

Darius had a very clear goal for this race, finishing in top condition and enjoy the race. So was steadily and hurried covered the five miles of the test . Many came before him, never mind. A few others behind, not bad. Since we are in Toledo, we can compare with its cathedral. It took almost three hundred years to build but his time was the most impressive in Spain.

In the same test ran Adrián Darío. The aim was multiple, get over, get no slut, down time, not to twist your foot to sprint in the last 200 meters etc .... When you have so many goals, it is best to run out and forget about them. Thus passed one of his best races, fell almost two minutes the distance and came full of strength. Of course not opt \u200b\u200bto trophies, but in view pieces of swords that gave the winners a knife yes we will granted.

Nerea was which opened competitions 3Km female junior. Trainings are making good lately and is in good shape. And as there can be no other way the race was good, somewhat slow at first, possibly motivated by anxiety. But once relaxed by the passage of mileage came around last 600 meters of making love. One last tip, always get a positive reading on all the races, we are winners, not losers.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Waffle Block By Black And Decker

No frost (?)

Before making the mice will notice that I have no teeth. Posta. Years ago not chew gum. And when I eat, I look like a squirrel because I use your front teeth. Aham, my smile has spaces to fill.

clarified this point happened to tell that life without ice cream is very ugly. Especially when you're a person who lives RECAGE heat. I love junk food you . Forget
make food and store it in Tupperware in small doses. Left. Tereré bye, see you when I kill them cool. I have 3
Coke's in the middle, next to the counter. Is that heat and is no longer the same. And I go and buy another. And so on until the store closes or I run out of money and turn to canilliles waters.

refrigerator I have post-paranoia: When I go to my old stare at that rectangle white for hours, then open it and go into the light. Everything is cold in there. Everything is white, cold and more pleasant than the scorching heat outside.
me want to stick your head in there. Opening the freezer, put your hands and sink them in the frost. And scream scream ... In Muahahahaha quip that ice cubes while the walls and I rub it on your face. Empty ice cube tray inside my shirt and screaming out the yard and throw MUAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA cubes in the air and be happy in this world where there are refrigerators and keep things cold.
withdrawal crisis refrigerator is very hard. Very cruel. Refrigerators talks corporations are full of people who smoke a lot and have coffee thermos flasks. Many have hallucinations, dizziness, chills ... But the worst symptom is vomiting. The withdrawal crisis make you empty the stomach and leave you burning throat.

How much more will suffer for it?
I was happy, dude. I had a refrigerator. Had cold beer, frozen chickens, strong TV and homosexuals, crazy crazy.

Manteca miss you! I want to buy a yogurt, put it in the fridge and that I blew it there adentro.Quiero buy cream cheese and it becomes Roquefort. I feel the smell of rotten food refrigerator inside.
But above all things, what I love most is to fill this space horrendous, the immeasurable void in my kitchen / dining room. I forget the echo there.

Refrigerator, I love you.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Titanic Birthday Cake


VAMOYAPAYA extends modalities and points to canicross , staying true to its philosophy "Run all you can and ask the back." It was our first race with the dog and the truth is that we have been delighted. In Guadalajara Humanes of the fourth race scoring for the Championship of Spain hosted a popular mode and stayed with the new signing Yeicob 's dog Adri the forming equipment. We attend as spectators to the federal testing and realized that was not going to be easy, because the rules are quite strict and the dog has to have a bit of openness to receive orders, which Yeicob unknown. For when the time came, the pack came out shocked and Yeicob trying to play with all dogs, lurching from right to left leading to Adrian like a comet.
soon not be the first since the establishment of the dog was to reach the bike opening the test. The rider was used to fund not be achieved. Just half of the race like lightning stood sharp gun to play with a spectator and Adri powerless to stop him harness pulled ahead. Had to stop to put it back as the runners took advantage to overtake . Yeicob again began to pull and near the finish was matched with the first, another lurch behind a dog made him lose a few meters across our target duo in second place.
has been our first contact with this type of running and we must admit we were pleasantly surprised. The very careful organization, the bag of dog / running very rich, very pleasant and waste of resources, including a popular cooked for all participants and spectators. repeat the experience. Wow, wow!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Convince Wife Brazilian Wax


cold tomorrow Quintanar de La Orden and parade of athletes in one of the most international Crosas. Covibar with extensive participation green fields planted Mancha. In juvenile five representatives a great success of participation , Lucas, Dario , Adri , Manolo and Alvaro , each at their own pace and each with its effort made us vibrate with the race. In almost all tests with representation of ripenses . In the supreme Bezabeh won the race of 10 km of a total of 130 runners. But Jaime did a post eye 32 and fifth in his category was a personal success. Risi in the middle of the classification , it seems that good feeling again. First Cross first season Covibar success.

Monday, November 8, 2010

What Is The Most Powerful Desktop

BBVA 2010 and now are four

seems impossible that four years have passed since I ran the first BBVA and yet are consumed like gatorade the end of a race fast, and you need not remember the taste. Things have changed, Jaime and Adri have evolved , matured athletically and reach infarction times (1 and 5 in its category) The rest of us maintain dignity in the general ratings (or in front or back or the opposite). This edition of Rivas, we have had heavy casualties, Estrella cold, Santi in Pueblo, Natu studying and missing Risi. The route was different from other years, ending in the Parque del Retiro, more undulating than in other years but broader and more symbolic. agree on the arrival of Mutual Friends, Luis, Santos, Eugene ... All honor and desire, of the few who can claim to have run all the races of BBVA , monsters. As he said this: San Yogin , respétanos in lesions And lead us not fall into the laziness the early morning runs. Until next year.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What Is The Most Powerful Desktop?

RACE Pronin TELEFONICA (-tell me) Nice to meet

remains opened the season 2010 / 2011. There were the staunchest representatives of VAMOYAPAYA , although with some injuries and still nursing a bad cold .
This time the weather forecasts failed and the day was sunny that warmed the bodies of the riders. Equipped with kneepads, Reflex mints and we stand behind the arc out of 5 km. It was our first race and did not want to force the machines. Each one had carefully studied its strategy for the race: Javier with a week of training at the Veterans Covibar wanted to check the effectiveness of the skipping (is written like this, or is a brand of detergent?). Santi still pain in his knee that has crushed all summer had set a target to finish the race without having to resort to ice. Star respiratory problems not lose sight of the Samur ambulance for a moment and meet oxygen demand and the steep slopes.
With the kick was given simultaneous output to both races (5 and 10 km) to the shared 3.5 km route. Thank You Runners the comfortable route by wide avenues and flat that only a few sections had a slight rise. From there, well signposted the participants the 5 km race and saw from afar the building Telefónica, ie GOAL. Some were lucky enough to cross the finish line with Chema Martínez , of \u200b\u200bcourse he with 10 miles behind them and others only with 5.
As usually happens in most races, the power of the sponsors is reflected in the organization's event where no detail was spared in the case of telephone about the words.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ucla Supplemental Questionarie

Dawn ... In a busy day.

I made a voracious reader (?). I bought the book I'm reading Breaking Dawn and whenever I can (so, forever). Possibly the end of today and tomorrow, and that if I know the truth of Milan, why that is so rich and Sibarita existential truth of being human. I also know how to get the hammer case bondis emergency departments.

"I told them I'm going to college? No. I told the book and not the facu, I am well and I see ... Last night I drank 2 beers and ended Gavi renpedo and re happy because we found a song going on in Peteco's very copada and had no idea what the hell he was or who or where not many etc. I return: I'm going to facu. A seminar / workshop in Speech (No Tarade @ is not to learn to pray), recommended by a friend who was the last pass optional. I must confess that when I came to I came Booch facu descalofríos and memories (some good and other means bad, but I convinced them and finally made good). Anyway, yesterday I went to the second class and I died of red when I had to stop and give a speech to my peers. Was up to feedback (so that after they told you what an opinion about what and how you tell) - makes a hole dug earth and swallow me - . While I am not a shy person, I can hardly speak before deconocidos total, and less seeing that all around me were professional. It was not so bad at the end. I pointed a rifle with a shortened barrel shotgun, the teacher hit me with his belt and I called Martha and a fellow kicked me ankles. I came out unscathed ... Or almost.

Party best of the day: A papáymamá house.
Last Wednesday I went and as are all diet had for dinner the following: lettuce, tomato, cucumber and radish. Barbaro, I love salad ... Side strip roast!. I screwed up hungry, plain and simple. My father saw this and said that on Friday I go to lunch on Saturday ROAST . So facu after I went there, I bought a Coke (because they do not buy, it quenches thirst with water boring) and he entered the laaaaca asado. I brought a little ^ ^. Oh flesh, as I missed you!

Last week I fell asleep 2 times. The first I played the bells Albert, the second is not. Mematópordentro, I had to wake up by myself (and my partner called me to tell me cel TEPENSÁSPRESENTARATRABAJAR "? ). Both days went while cursing the fact that the music at full volume and did not wake up.

Anyway. Just live one. Reading and falling asleep. And getting dizzy with a Stella Artois and some fries.

So goes the country gentlemen, in decline.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Carburetoryamaha Phaser

The cause of everything.

My friend had an accident last Tuesday. In one visit he stuck to the hospital, we went for a ride in a wheelchair.
I told all the news, including my new nail trimming. Until I remember and tell him that Monday night, down the rain, I went to wallow in the garden where no one about my ex. To which he said:
"Colo, you have to stop sleeping with that skinny. Every time you do it causes an imbalance in the Universe. Look what happened to me ... I thought you learned after what happened to the miners of Chile .

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gay Cruising North Las Vegas

Humanes de Madrid is a town that could hardly be located on a map, until today. It is a town that has a rock (Rock Park) that will, without a hard have made the first edition of one of those considered intimate, authentic. The staging was as follows: a table with a laptop, where they were pointing the lucky ones who have wanted to be there. Next to the mixing of the club of the people who served as a megaphone. All connected by one extension at the outlet of the services of Berlin Bar (One of two sponsors). There was no exit inflatable arches, drawn on the floor with duct tape and OUTPUT TARGET words. Nor was a must for the dorsal, but two pieces of tape were the times. The miles and hours did not matter much, it was Sunday morning class and we were chatting to us, people who were looking for a win, only the personal satisfaction of running for pleasure. Served as a refreshment bar tables Berlin where he found fresh water, cokes and an apple. By the way when perfectly signposted served two sources of supply point.
we all ran there, some even with a dog, two laps a circuit, to complete approximately 8,500 meters. everything perfectly specified, even if they put us on the path of the bulls. Campo, asphalt, road and plain.
Reaching the goal was at the Berlin Bar ovacinaban passionate about all we were ending and I personally shook hands and I gave thanks for participating. This was the best, in any race I have been so successful. Repeat next year.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wisdom Teeth Gums Bone Through

The culprit is the frog (and I swear that Pepe is not). Middle

This data last Friday ... if it rained ... .. Call it in at times ... but the floor was wet ... and the places were grass frogs.
And it ... if ... it ... he is afraid of frogs ... ran into my house.
A ... bah .. we where we would go.

eníamos T meeting with the players at about 10 ... the idea was to be at 10 at the door .. then see.

And at about 9:40 we got ready ... (?) And we ...
Si. When I opened the door, a toad the size of a bowl of ice cream 3 / 4 (if a 1 / 2 down, and the 1 / 4 above) moved into the bushes (because yes, you need cutters givers. . .. Uh means, right?). Then she, the blonde ex ex ex brunette, squealed and jumped entered my home again.
subtly suggested that we might become a damn time ... and she asked me if I could not go out to frighten the frogs ... I got to portoncito and a run was apropicuó to me ... But there was a stretch of grass to go home to reach the village ...
forced me to do the same.
and it was. We found .. us .. and outside ... and while I secured my property .. (?) Or put her key ... or shut the portoncito ... o. .. o. .. Well, while I was doing I asked him to head for the corner .. not to see if it rained, because that what we see when we open the door. But I asked him to see if public transportation came to be paid with coins (which no one has EVER) and well ... Murphy's Law is that the momentum generated by the 2 previous runs .. having caused a bit ... or a lot. Both did not see where you put your feet .. NOT SEEN LADY LORD ... NOT SEEN.
only knew who threw his little feet up, while with one arm stopped the bondi. Just realized where she was when she felt moisture is their private areas ... When the mud took over their feet, their legs, their hands ... Dropped right there, frustrated, makeup, empilchada and angry because the driver of the group had stopped (wait subiésemos the phone, but she watched and rejoiced cruelly miamigalaqueleerróalcharcoylopisódelleno ).

If. We went on the run ... No time for fear of the baby frog. Log in and rinse, laconchatumáh. Take camperita jogging and I call the busbar déjà remis and bathroom, fuck.

As it happened, it was. Bathed while I waited in the bar. And by 11 he was ready to action. AGAIN.

You know what hurt me most of all this?
That left me muddy towel and send email over to me when I wake up I hit a peep into the pool because the lady could not find his lighter.
That in my neighborhood is fighting.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sending Books Overseas

mourning pa 'the kid. Looking

Jiuston, we have a problem ...
We broke the toilet bag.

asolteró My sister.
- Oh Yes! -
When I heard, I thought the beard, who had taken pity on me and that was to send the love of my life with Muzza and two cokes. But NO. It was only that, the neglect they did to her younger sister.
The worst thing was that I went to see her and is made hanger.
do you you think?
has 15 years, 15!
whining and go as if he had been the love of his life. Eye, was perhaps ... Lie, what's going to be that stupid.

worst thing is that there is another that already wanting to lend a pallina walks.

What's with you, Valentine?. "You know that 9 years before Zaida, was I born?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Manards Clothes Racks

(and succeeding in) new ways of being boluda.

was at the concert. Of side that was visible not the drummer, by the guilt of a dish retobar. I change my place and stay there the rest of recycled, compared to the singer, but seeing the drummer. It beautiful. Stick as the best. The dishes wiggling around him was very suggestive for my view.
After the recital, we are going to get us photos with singer
Serniotti Pichu, the singer of "Stay like that."

EAEA. All applicants gruppi, happy as a dog with two tails. There
and I get excited. Bajan
4 members of the band and desparamaditos stay in one place, there to costadete track. Ponele than 3 meters from us.
I want to take a picture with the drummer.
I want a photo with Paul, the drummer. Let's get us
photo with Paul. Delen
che, come with me! Someone
average stack. Gavi
grabs the camera and says, come on, faces that I'll pull the photo.
begin to control my redness. Respite. Practical. I control myself. Respite. Come on. Elusive
some girls ... I see it, watch it, I will stop in front and say,
- I can I take a picture with you?
To which the answer gaunt, amazed and wide-eyed: - Me?
- Yes, with you.
- Well, go ahead.
happy type.

- Thanks, I say.
I go to Gavi.
I look in the eye and say, "Was not it?" "Y. .. Not."
Oh God, this is going to get ugly .

I turn around, and the whole band was watching me with a face of WTF. And no wonder.
My friends had the same face.