Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wisdom Teeth Gums Bone Through

The culprit is the frog (and I swear that Pepe is not). Middle

This data last Friday ... if it rained ... .. Call it in at times ... but the floor was wet ... and the places were grass frogs.
And it ... if ... it ... he is afraid of frogs ... ran into my house.
A ... bah .. we where we would go.

eníamos T meeting with the players at about 10 ... the idea was to be at 10 at the door .. then see.

And at about 9:40 we got ready ... (?) And we ...
Si. When I opened the door, a toad the size of a bowl of ice cream 3 / 4 (if a 1 / 2 down, and the 1 / 4 above) moved into the bushes (because yes, you need cutters givers. . .. Uh means, right?). Then she, the blonde ex ex ex brunette, squealed and jumped entered my home again.
subtly suggested that we might become a damn time ... and she asked me if I could not go out to frighten the frogs ... I got to portoncito and a run was apropicuó to me ... But there was a stretch of grass to go home to reach the village ...
forced me to do the same.
and it was. We found .. us .. and outside ... and while I secured my property .. (?) Or put her key ... or shut the portoncito ... o. .. o. .. Well, while I was doing I asked him to head for the corner .. not to see if it rained, because that what we see when we open the door. But I asked him to see if public transportation came to be paid with coins (which no one has EVER) and well ... Murphy's Law is that the momentum generated by the 2 previous runs .. having caused a bit ... or a lot. Both did not see where you put your feet .. NOT SEEN LADY LORD ... NOT SEEN.
only knew who threw his little feet up, while with one arm stopped the bondi. Just realized where she was when she felt moisture is their private areas ... When the mud took over their feet, their legs, their hands ... Dropped right there, frustrated, makeup, empilchada and angry because the driver of the group had stopped (wait subiésemos the phone, but she watched and rejoiced cruelly miamigalaqueleerróalcharcoylopisódelleno ).

If. We went on the run ... No time for fear of the baby frog. Log in and rinse, laconchatumáh. Take camperita jogging and I call the busbar déjà remis and bathroom, fuck.

As it happened, it was. Bathed while I waited in the bar. And by 11 he was ready to action. AGAIN.

You know what hurt me most of all this?
That left me muddy towel and send email over to me when I wake up I hit a peep into the pool because the lady could not find his lighter.
That in my neighborhood is fighting.


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