Thursday, September 2, 2010

Manards Clothes Racks

(and succeeding in) new ways of being boluda.

was at the concert. Of side that was visible not the drummer, by the guilt of a dish retobar. I change my place and stay there the rest of recycled, compared to the singer, but seeing the drummer. It beautiful. Stick as the best. The dishes wiggling around him was very suggestive for my view.
After the recital, we are going to get us photos with singer
Serniotti Pichu, the singer of "Stay like that."

EAEA. All applicants gruppi, happy as a dog with two tails. There
and I get excited. Bajan
4 members of the band and desparamaditos stay in one place, there to costadete track. Ponele than 3 meters from us.
I want to take a picture with the drummer.
I want a photo with Paul, the drummer. Let's get us
photo with Paul. Delen
che, come with me! Someone
average stack. Gavi
grabs the camera and says, come on, faces that I'll pull the photo.
begin to control my redness. Respite. Practical. I control myself. Respite. Come on. Elusive
some girls ... I see it, watch it, I will stop in front and say,
- I can I take a picture with you?
To which the answer gaunt, amazed and wide-eyed: - Me?
- Yes, with you.
- Well, go ahead.
happy type.

- Thanks, I say.
I go to Gavi.
I look in the eye and say, "Was not it?" "Y. .. Not."
Oh God, this is going to get ugly .

I turn around, and the whole band was watching me with a face of WTF. And no wonder.
My friends had the same face.


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