Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where To Buy Tire Chains Vancouver

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All the engine room and slept in the aisle machines.

I am one of those people who do not get sick often. And when I get sick, me sick. Nor are serious things. But a common angina can let me throw wild two weeks or three, or four ... With fever, delirium, and all inclusive.
On Wednesday I was threatened on Thursday I noticed there was an invisible hand pressed my throat preventing me from running free through the prado.Y what I did? The shat all. I left the laburo and went to the clinic.
If there's anything I hate in life is to go to the clinic. And it is not fear of doctors ... It's because I'm sick (more) having to wait 3 hours as an asshole until they deign to serve you. The worst thing is that I always fall asleep in the waiting room and I wake up frightened face thinking I'm there for 15 hours.
question that is treating me very cornered a doctor who was also young and beautiful. Lexpliqué: "Look, I have no desire to be sick and typing in 10 days, so I come to medicate me and you do pitocatalán to the throat." Looked at me laughing and said I had laryngitis about to be seen.
phone battery size pickups.

The mempastillé crapped all and great entertainment. And last night I went out as felíh.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alakay Toys Madagascar

Clinic Run Lola Run. Stripped

I used to be a person who does not laugh at the fall of others. Today I realized
I became one of those mares that make off with laughter as soon as he stares at sopi.
My co-worker is one of those mines that run all the time. No, not a way of saying ... Mountain run. Run to enter, run to exit, run to the toilet and runs to return. And today ... The bell rang announcing that you richer than you have exited the coffee, you have to return to laburar. The mine faced ... Ran ... Arriving at his job slammed on the brakes .... And he went on coté with arms raised. As if doing the wave. Sola. And the wave is coming because he turned gerous. The mine was closed with a face of indignation and says "Oh hey, no big deal. As soon as I hit" and gets to work.
I watched the scene in silence. But in the face. I experienced full. And the corners of his mouth were up to me. Wanting to smile. And I smiled ... And a laugh out of me. There I ran into the bathroom to recontrarecagarmebienrecagada laughter.
And what gave me pleasure.

I fell many times: In the bondi in the ditch in a ditch, in the square in the middle of the avenue, on the street, at home, in front of a bar ... And always, always had someone by my side laughing.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Does 85 Mean For Hemoglobin

home. Damn

This is it. We are 155 centimeters
of tired of this shitty life.
a month ago I reported that I leave the house (yes, at least one month is better than the 5 minutes it gives you Big Brother). And I walk with the ball without looking roof handle.
That cop is that, for the love of Bono , let me fucking.
Yesterday I saw an apartment near the house of my mother, half kid, goes the same as this ... AND HAS PULLED! I mean, I complained of the allowance that I have here ... But at least I have in the kitchen sink, you see. That's a filth. Above the sink basin is 3 blocks from me in the kitchen. Not to say that the laundry room has no ceiling. And I will not leave my washing machine unprotected. So that dept. is to confirm .
Today I toured much of Ezeiza and bought more numbers Golden Pages. I called and you just convinced me. To be seen in person. Tomorrow
touches me flown by the Jaguel. I guess after desolately'll walk around Luis Guillon. Because here, in Monte Grande ... NO SHIT (And there are equivalent to a violation of 3 Africans at a time, and dry).

Anyway, I'm tired, sad and angry at having to leave (mainly because I'm living here 2 houses and my laburo that there is nothing to give ). I have wanted to eat
sinrepetirysinsoplar fourth ice cream. That just stick a nice cold Stella Artois, a pair of Dr. Lemon Vodka and then with a frizz (color of choice, I love them all equally), then eat a fool. Volvermelo ice throw up and eat. And then I fell asleep, and wake-todapegoteada a new home ... With a permanent contract:)

What will it? Is able transladar near my laburo?

PD: Tell me honestly if I was tempted to leave their rooms and subalquilarmelas. Media stack guys, I have no where to put the PC!

Monday, April 11, 2011

How Much To Tip Brazalian Wax


Zaida (my amazing younger sister), recently entered the age of 16, came to dance.
organized, bought clothes and they are stung. So
. Just like that. Sale
with friends to dance the chick.
takes a lot and realizes ... And just sit and take gas until you pass the dizziness.
And by the way, rises to a disservice with which they share a 'stop' kiss'.

has totally shocked me the fucking asshole. I left at 16 to dance ... A secret. And the first thin he kissed me was like a bowling alley after 10 starts. And it took almost nothing ... My relation to alcohol actually began at about age 20.

Youth is going to hell ... And I watch from outside.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Where Can I Get A Gingevectemy?

Heeeey! No paper! Mom? Dad? ¿Anyone?? ♪ cueeeenta

Everything has an end ... It all ends.
Si. It's sad but it is.

You used your last 5 handles to buy a Lays and you realize that you lasted as much as a fart in a basket.
Currency and used them to buy you smoked butts loose while returning to your home.
I bought a Cindor and you got off the shells with the first glass.
you when you put together the courage and took out to pay the music player would envy Tiesto and I was fired from laburo and thus finalize your sexual organs through a straw.
you did the string and bought A Chinese Tale in the kid's board and two counters for the station and you realize that from the minute 32:25 is not shit.

is hard and cruel, but it happens.

It happens when you nailed 3 slices of pizza and you realize that in the fridge all you had was drinking what was left of tomato puree.
It happens when you gave the coins to the newsagent, because I felt sorry for the poor man ... and the fucking machine group NO TE LEE CARD!

It happens when you think that you have the cow tied ... And when you're going to milk you realize that goes trotting down the neighbor's field ( and over, even if not attached, it stays there ).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why Did Gerber Stop Making Blueberry Buckle

1. I realized that is : Addictive blog. While not post often, reading them alive.
2. I realized that I speak : Up to the elbows.
3. I realized that I love: Music, books, intenet, alcohol, fuck, my friends. I love everything and everyone, I am a troll.
4. I realized that I have: little patience.
5. I realized that I missed: time waiting for things
6. I realized that marriage is: Something succeeding at a very distant. Now it is a utopia.
7. I realized that somewhere, someone is thinking AT ME! Will my mom?.
8. I realized that I will always be: Petisa.
9. I realized that I like: The party! Wipuuuuuu.
10. I realized that the last time I cried was: Mother's Day to watch a movie with my mother.
11. I realized that my phone is: Indispensable and cutest thing happened to me. Nokia do not break ever.
12. I realized that when I woke up: was late. And there was plenty of sunshine.
1 3. I realized that before I go to bed last night: I was on the outside in shirt and trousers and had to grab the keys with a stick through the window.
14. I realized that now I'm thinking: What movie see you tonight.
15. I realized that babies are someone else's problem.
16. I realized that: I send the signal ♫.
17. I realized that today I: I slept like a deranged, face up removing the medium and when I saw the mirror, I screwed up on their feet.
18. I realized that I'm going to sleep tonight: afternoon, because I sailed on siesta.
1 9. I realized that tomorrow I will go: to work. And looking for a new home.
20. I realized I mean: Nothing bolóh live alone. If you want to say something here goes: "I'm going to be homeless."
21. I realized that my favorite thing right now is: My TV with a corresponding DVD player and coffee table with casters. Wi.
22. I realized that the best time of day: is when I shut down everything and prepare myself to sleep.
23. I realized that going to school: was re cute. Snif.
24. I realized that in five years: I'll have 29. Wtf. I want to go to choooo.
25. I realized that the world is re grosso and never fully known. Unless you choose me as a girlfriend Fort permamente.
26. I realized I can not: be silent. Need to listen to radio / music / TV.
27. I realized that true friends: are few but worth it.
28. At the end of everything, I realized that: Business as usual.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Old/rare Wrestling Shoes

I found I have no idea, but here we are.

I have so many want to write ... I do not know what the fuck tell.
not write before because I was more odious than what I used to be.
'm fine now ... Okay . And I have little thing to be right. is rare.
whoring is rare not go through life hating the roc with loud music on the cell group or the asshole who is behind me in line and does not stop SHOUTING.
What worse was that the baby's mother said "I forgot to duck" and I laughed, I RECAGE laughing about it. And that in me is not normal .
My sister gave him the Netbook, at school .. Die of envy, but he grabbed it and solve the tasks while I'm in bed listening to music. Bone ... What is this crazy?
Hacete hate stupid.

Pfff. Posting strange, but those that fill you with pleasure for having made a new upload to the dilapidated and neglected blog.