Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why Did Gerber Stop Making Blueberry Buckle

1. I realized that is : Addictive blog. While not post often, reading them alive.
2. I realized that I speak : Up to the elbows.
3. I realized that I love: Music, books, intenet, alcohol, fuck, my friends. I love everything and everyone, I am a troll.
4. I realized that I have: little patience.
5. I realized that I missed: time waiting for things
6. I realized that marriage is: Something succeeding at a very distant. Now it is a utopia.
7. I realized that somewhere, someone is thinking AT ME! Will my mom?.
8. I realized that I will always be: Petisa.
9. I realized that I like: The party! Wipuuuuuu.
10. I realized that the last time I cried was: Mother's Day to watch a movie with my mother.
11. I realized that my phone is: Indispensable and cutest thing happened to me. Nokia do not break ever.
12. I realized that when I woke up: was late. And there was plenty of sunshine.
1 3. I realized that before I go to bed last night: I was on the outside in shirt and trousers and had to grab the keys with a stick through the window.
14. I realized that now I'm thinking: What movie see you tonight.
15. I realized that babies are someone else's problem.
16. I realized that: I send the signal ♫.
17. I realized that today I: I slept like a deranged, face up removing the medium and when I saw the mirror, I screwed up on their feet.
18. I realized that I'm going to sleep tonight: afternoon, because I sailed on siesta.
1 9. I realized that tomorrow I will go: to work. And looking for a new home.
20. I realized I mean: Nothing bolóh live alone. If you want to say something here goes: "I'm going to be homeless."
21. I realized that my favorite thing right now is: My TV with a corresponding DVD player and coffee table with casters. Wi.
22. I realized that the best time of day: is when I shut down everything and prepare myself to sleep.
23. I realized that going to school: was re cute. Snif.
24. I realized that in five years: I'll have 29. Wtf. I want to go to choooo.
25. I realized that the world is re grosso and never fully known. Unless you choose me as a girlfriend Fort permamente.
26. I realized I can not: be silent. Need to listen to radio / music / TV.
27. I realized that true friends: are few but worth it.
28. At the end of everything, I realized that: Business as usual.


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