Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alakay Toys Madagascar

Clinic Run Lola Run. Stripped

I used to be a person who does not laugh at the fall of others. Today I realized
I became one of those mares that make off with laughter as soon as he stares at sopi.
My co-worker is one of those mines that run all the time. No, not a way of saying ... Mountain run. Run to enter, run to exit, run to the toilet and runs to return. And today ... The bell rang announcing that you richer than you have exited the coffee, you have to return to laburar. The mine faced ... Ran ... Arriving at his job slammed on the brakes .... And he went on coté with arms raised. As if doing the wave. Sola. And the wave is coming because he turned gerous. The mine was closed with a face of indignation and says "Oh hey, no big deal. As soon as I hit" and gets to work.
I watched the scene in silence. But in the face. I experienced full. And the corners of his mouth were up to me. Wanting to smile. And I smiled ... And a laugh out of me. There I ran into the bathroom to recontrarecagarmebienrecagada laughter.
And what gave me pleasure.

I fell many times: In the bondi in the ditch in a ditch, in the square in the middle of the avenue, on the street, at home, in front of a bar ... And always, always had someone by my side laughing.


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