Saturday, April 16, 2011

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All the engine room and slept in the aisle machines.

I am one of those people who do not get sick often. And when I get sick, me sick. Nor are serious things. But a common angina can let me throw wild two weeks or three, or four ... With fever, delirium, and all inclusive.
On Wednesday I was threatened on Thursday I noticed there was an invisible hand pressed my throat preventing me from running free through the prado.Y what I did? The shat all. I left the laburo and went to the clinic.
If there's anything I hate in life is to go to the clinic. And it is not fear of doctors ... It's because I'm sick (more) having to wait 3 hours as an asshole until they deign to serve you. The worst thing is that I always fall asleep in the waiting room and I wake up frightened face thinking I'm there for 15 hours.
question that is treating me very cornered a doctor who was also young and beautiful. Lexpliqué: "Look, I have no desire to be sick and typing in 10 days, so I come to medicate me and you do pitocatalán to the throat." Looked at me laughing and said I had laryngitis about to be seen.
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The mempastillé crapped all and great entertainment. And last night I went out as felíh.


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