Friday, April 1, 2011

Old/rare Wrestling Shoes

I found I have no idea, but here we are.

I have so many want to write ... I do not know what the fuck tell.
not write before because I was more odious than what I used to be.
'm fine now ... Okay . And I have little thing to be right. is rare.
whoring is rare not go through life hating the roc with loud music on the cell group or the asshole who is behind me in line and does not stop SHOUTING.
What worse was that the baby's mother said "I forgot to duck" and I laughed, I RECAGE laughing about it. And that in me is not normal .
My sister gave him the Netbook, at school .. Die of envy, but he grabbed it and solve the tasks while I'm in bed listening to music. Bone ... What is this crazy?
Hacete hate stupid.

Pfff. Posting strange, but those that fill you with pleasure for having made a new upload to the dilapidated and neglected blog.


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