Monday, April 4, 2011

Where Can I Get A Gingevectemy?

Heeeey! No paper! Mom? Dad? ¿Anyone?? ♪ cueeeenta

Everything has an end ... It all ends.
Si. It's sad but it is.

You used your last 5 handles to buy a Lays and you realize that you lasted as much as a fart in a basket.
Currency and used them to buy you smoked butts loose while returning to your home.
I bought a Cindor and you got off the shells with the first glass.
you when you put together the courage and took out to pay the music player would envy Tiesto and I was fired from laburo and thus finalize your sexual organs through a straw.
you did the string and bought A Chinese Tale in the kid's board and two counters for the station and you realize that from the minute 32:25 is not shit.

is hard and cruel, but it happens.

It happens when you nailed 3 slices of pizza and you realize that in the fridge all you had was drinking what was left of tomato puree.
It happens when you gave the coins to the newsagent, because I felt sorry for the poor man ... and the fucking machine group NO TE LEE CARD!

It happens when you think that you have the cow tied ... And when you're going to milk you realize that goes trotting down the neighbor's field ( and over, even if not attached, it stays there ).


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