Monday, August 30, 2010

Older Bwomen, In Girdles, Vids

musical culture. Ring

and related rock track. 2 plasmas and 2 big screens playing the new video for "By the Sword" (Andrew Stockdale Wolfmother & Slash Of.)
I look at Tati
totally disconnected while Gavi and I pogueábamos.
I go.
R - Tati, it's Slash, a rough total, the master of the guitar. Perhaps you know of bands like Guns and Rose's.
T : - Ah yes. There is an issue of these at Guitar Hero.


merits chair shots in the neck and put to soak in the first trench in sight. Then removed and kick in the stomach. Until his eyes Llosa escape orbit. Marinate the ground. Serve at ease. Same

last week I learned a few things I did not know:
* Morrisay was the lead singer of The Smiths.
* The Scorpions (yes, those that losochentaypocos sang "Still loving you" and made among other things,
me to be designed ) are German (!) .

Ok, I confessed. Let them hit me where it hurts most. Just this once, not make them custom.

Color Guard Dance Pants

crack. Release the pedestrian

Saturday. I wake up happy to 15:30 Hs and shout loudly: " La pucha worth off the cel! . "Burn it and drop messages between which my sister warned me that came to my house with 2 friends, and that if he did take me the favor of the stick. pibas
fall, I will open and I fit a loaf of dubious origin.
M : - Roh to you.
R : - But is white.
M : - Yes, it's cream. And on the trip I sent a couple of fingers.
R: - Well, here. I do not like cream.
went in and got out the cake. Among the 3. I change and persecute me for my makeup. Zaida makeup me and let me 1 kg and 2 rolls. I left. Mates in the square. Pizzas as a friend. Recital at Temperley. Deep sleep spooning with my friend.
I wake her, so loving Hs at 16:00 at night saying I could not sleep. We got lazy and did take a few mates.
My sister tells me that they were gone, which scared me because I did not know what I find.
I get home and before I remove the jacket he saw a huge pile of dirty dishes. Strange things on the floor, crumbs of some unidentified food object. I open the fridge and white blinded me. There was nothing there. NOTHING. At the risk of a heart attack grip me encouraged me to open the bajomesada. Nothing too serious if we take for granted the package of noodles dumps, desparamada flour and mess of things. Undergoing reorganization comes my friend with a pendrive FULL videos. We saw them all. Cerati were playing live, in studio, in slippers, barefoot, taking pictures, smoking, throwing gas and bleh, all that. We

soup Mom Luchetti (
<--- Por ese chivo exijo un Six Pack de cada presentación de sopa, incluída la de Diana Arroz ).
I sit on the PC. and prepare myself to socialize with my friend to Yori it's 02:00 and I decide to go to rest Hs my slim and fat cuelpo.
Round and round. I was doing spiedo. I get up to the bathroom, when I look and it was 3:12 Hs And I was not sleepy, or wanting to sleep, or lazy or anything like it.
At some point I fell asleep. I know the alarm went off at 6, but my body and I decided to get up at 7 and 20. Laputalaputalaputa. I fell asleep.
I wear shoes and bell touch me like crazy. I run and there was none.
I'm going to laburo and opens the door, my friend. All SECSI him.
I look smiling and says "You woke up my rings ?"...-" If you gave me the rings A MI, I woke up faster;) "- I reply" Good morning, Alberto, thanks but I was awake, I did run into balls semi up the front yard "(I was not into balls, but I wanted you to know that could seen me so, as in my dreams).

Does auction?. Is not it enough the fact of living just 20 meters from my laburo and yet the time to be late?.
If had more breasts, the grab me in the door. Let's see if I learn, damn it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Motorcross Cake Toppers

pedestrians! Against Me

If you're waiting to tell you for the time being I fell on top of bondi, wait to do more than psychologically.

lo these past days that I collided head on with the eternal problems of pedestrian ...

Some people walk the sidewalks with children holding hands. Those same guys that do not reach the 30 Cm. leg and delays to every human being walking.
Generally these people are couples, women or a couple of friends.
men they do because they have no patience to walk the kid to 2 / k per hour.
couples because women do feel super happy union showing his family to the community.
Women walk the child alone because they have no desire to take the jerk to upa (I have no reason I've used pads, asshole). So do when planning to sleep in the bed leg loose or the other parent sietemesinodioso, and so tired and weary the boy to fall asleep at night or very long bottle.
Girlfriends do so because a walk 3 blocks it takes 2:30 hs, which gives them time to recount the night last night, the old panties that had Pepita, or the odyssey that was to make the row super fast cash this morning.

Now, I point to the following: Do not you realize that there back here at least 15 people SO balls of puffy, wanting to get ahead?.

The day I have to charge one of those human miniespecímenes have to leave by such and such, I'll leave it tied to the bed until your legs are large enough to follow the step alone. Fucking assholes, "Above is to go out and walk them? .-

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How Do I Clean My Eyeswith Blepharitis

Player. Question

The random in my player is attacking my health.
not be alarmed if I found frozen in the yard naked wanted to cut his wrists with a deck of cards (yes, all followed, without commas to not breathe).

* Cuando yo muera - No Mercy
* Oh Darling - Andrés Calamaro (no es triste, pero esta versión sí que lo es) (¿Quién fué el nacido por la cola que me metió ese tema en la compu?)
* The reason - Hoobastank
* Everybody Hurts - Versión acústica de Fer (unamigo).
* Alone - Hazard
* Se fué - Laura Pausini

Que desgraciado, estoy posteando y me sigue masacrando.
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Que vida de mierda, me voy a abrazar a la silla, que está calentita porque está abajo mío.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Does Walgreens Sell Zuds


© michel guenanten

Gone is the key. You threw yours, I have others but do not open this chimera.

C UPIM one day the two in the imagery of the south facade, which echoes the melancholy notes of the "rain to come."

Sometimes I find myself hooked on this dream water

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beautiful Woman's Crotch

weight. Jelaus

struggling with many things in this life, and I'm happy.
pay rent, loan payments, Internet payments, pay my cell phone, pay water and light.
Yesterday I received the account credit card with a total of 4-digit-imposibledepagar, yet I continued to live happy.
But everyone makes mistakes that infringe against their happiness ... And what did I do? What did I do?

I weighed myself.
I weighed myself.
I weighed myself.
I weighed myself.
I weighed myself.

ruin his life is at a distance Pharmacy. Beware.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bathtub For Big 6-month-old


Che, this is going to hell.

My sister (15) has a boyfriend for 2 months (full ).
takes her to McDonald's every week. He made several pacifiers
(and documented the sequence above). He gave
average medal.
He escapes from the school to go to see her.
tender post photos in their Flogs / Facebooks.
have plenty of kissing photos, which are obviously in their cell phones as wallpapers.
The calls daily. He has the body
all marcadito.
The boyfriend in question is 13.

Yes, it gives me by the balls. One of these days to incinerate them.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lia Sophia Invitation Samples

normal black and white rescue

Recuperado de un archivo olvidado, mezclo, anoto -absorta- algún pigmento para tu rostro de piedra. Te prefiero en carne pero hace tiempo que otros como el granate te sientan mejor...
Te garabateo las sienes en berenjena con un tatuaje de arena horizontal en la frente, entre líneas -¿cuántos años van ya por delante?- no de sabiduría sino de amargura, mi dulce, arrugas de tostado dulce de leche. Te perfilo diluído en gris plomo de invierno (te quedó el frío como al espía de Le Carré) y tu barba de verde cesped, recortada, pateada, mojada por mis tantos flujos tras la final en el Soccer City. Acabo tus labios de bocadillo con un relieve en tono mostaza.
Ya está... Te escondo, I lose again between folders experimental portrait session after another with no natural model.
feels good fresh horchata and a lavender scent of summer ...