Monday, August 30, 2010

Older Bwomen, In Girdles, Vids

musical culture. Ring

and related rock track. 2 plasmas and 2 big screens playing the new video for "By the Sword" (Andrew Stockdale Wolfmother & Slash Of.)
I look at Tati
totally disconnected while Gavi and I pogueƔbamos.
I go.
R - Tati, it's Slash, a rough total, the master of the guitar. Perhaps you know of bands like Guns and Rose's.
T : - Ah yes. There is an issue of these at Guitar Hero.


merits chair shots in the neck and put to soak in the first trench in sight. Then removed and kick in the stomach. Until his eyes Llosa escape orbit. Marinate the ground. Serve at ease. Same

last week I learned a few things I did not know:
* Morrisay was the lead singer of The Smiths.
* The Scorpions (yes, those that losochentaypocos sang "Still loving you" and made among other things,
me to be designed ) are German (!) .

Ok, I confessed. Let them hit me where it hurts most. Just this once, not make them custom.


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