Friday, August 27, 2010

Motorcross Cake Toppers

pedestrians! Against Me

If you're waiting to tell you for the time being I fell on top of bondi, wait to do more than psychologically.

lo these past days that I collided head on with the eternal problems of pedestrian ...

Some people walk the sidewalks with children holding hands. Those same guys that do not reach the 30 Cm. leg and delays to every human being walking.
Generally these people are couples, women or a couple of friends.
men they do because they have no patience to walk the kid to 2 / k per hour.
couples because women do feel super happy union showing his family to the community.
Women walk the child alone because they have no desire to take the jerk to upa (I have no reason I've used pads, asshole). So do when planning to sleep in the bed leg loose or the other parent sietemesinodioso, and so tired and weary the boy to fall asleep at night or very long bottle.
Girlfriends do so because a walk 3 blocks it takes 2:30 hs, which gives them time to recount the night last night, the old panties that had Pepita, or the odyssey that was to make the row super fast cash this morning.

Now, I point to the following: Do not you realize that there back here at least 15 people SO balls of puffy, wanting to get ahead?.

The day I have to charge one of those human miniespecímenes have to leave by such and such, I'll leave it tied to the bed until your legs are large enough to follow the step alone. Fucking assholes, "Above is to go out and walk them? .-


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