Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ucla Supplemental Questionarie

Dawn ... In a busy day.

I made a voracious reader (?). I bought the book I'm reading Breaking Dawn and whenever I can (so, forever). Possibly the end of today and tomorrow, and that if I know the truth of Milan, why that is so rich and Sibarita existential truth of being human. I also know how to get the hammer case bondis emergency departments.

"I told them I'm going to college? No. I told the book and not the facu, I am well and I see ... Last night I drank 2 beers and ended Gavi renpedo and re happy because we found a song going on in Peteco's very copada and had no idea what the hell he was or who or where not many etc. I return: I'm going to facu. A seminar / workshop in Speech (No Tarade @ is not to learn to pray), recommended by a friend who was the last pass optional. I must confess that when I came to I came Booch facu descalofríos and memories (some good and other means bad, but I convinced them and finally made good). Anyway, yesterday I went to the second class and I died of red when I had to stop and give a speech to my peers. Was up to feedback (so that after they told you what an opinion about what and how you tell) - makes a hole dug earth and swallow me - . While I am not a shy person, I can hardly speak before deconocidos total, and less seeing that all around me were professional. It was not so bad at the end. I pointed a rifle with a shortened barrel shotgun, the teacher hit me with his belt and I called Martha and a fellow kicked me ankles. I came out unscathed ... Or almost.

Party best of the day: A papáymamá house.
Last Wednesday I went and as are all diet had for dinner the following: lettuce, tomato, cucumber and radish. Barbaro, I love salad ... Side strip roast!. I screwed up hungry, plain and simple. My father saw this and said that on Friday I go to lunch on Saturday ROAST . So facu after I went there, I bought a Coke (because they do not buy, it quenches thirst with water boring) and he entered the laaaaca asado. I brought a little ^ ^. Oh flesh, as I missed you!

Last week I fell asleep 2 times. The first I played the bells Albert, the second is not. Mematópordentro, I had to wake up by myself (and my partner called me to tell me cel TEPENSÁSPRESENTARATRABAJAR "? ). Both days went while cursing the fact that the music at full volume and did not wake up.

Anyway. Just live one. Reading and falling asleep. And getting dizzy with a Stella Artois and some fries.

So goes the country gentlemen, in decline.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Carburetoryamaha Phaser

The cause of everything.

My friend had an accident last Tuesday. In one visit he stuck to the hospital, we went for a ride in a wheelchair.
I told all the news, including my new nail trimming. Until I remember and tell him that Monday night, down the rain, I went to wallow in the garden where no one about my ex. To which he said:
"Colo, you have to stop sleeping with that skinny. Every time you do it causes an imbalance in the Universe. Look what happened to me ... I thought you learned after what happened to the miners of Chile .

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gay Cruising North Las Vegas

Humanes de Madrid is a town that could hardly be located on a map, until today. It is a town that has a rock (Rock Park) that will, without a hard have made the first edition of one of those considered intimate, authentic. The staging was as follows: a table with a laptop, where they were pointing the lucky ones who have wanted to be there. Next to the mixing of the club of the people who served as a megaphone. All connected by one extension at the outlet of the services of Berlin Bar (One of two sponsors). There was no exit inflatable arches, drawn on the floor with duct tape and OUTPUT TARGET words. Nor was a must for the dorsal, but two pieces of tape were the times. The miles and hours did not matter much, it was Sunday morning class and we were chatting to us, people who were looking for a win, only the personal satisfaction of running for pleasure. Served as a refreshment bar tables Berlin where he found fresh water, cokes and an apple. By the way when perfectly signposted served two sources of supply point.
we all ran there, some even with a dog, two laps a circuit, to complete approximately 8,500 meters. everything perfectly specified, even if they put us on the path of the bulls. Campo, asphalt, road and plain.
Reaching the goal was at the Berlin Bar ovacinaban passionate about all we were ending and I personally shook hands and I gave thanks for participating. This was the best, in any race I have been so successful. Repeat next year.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wisdom Teeth Gums Bone Through

The culprit is the frog (and I swear that Pepe is not). Middle

This data last Friday ... if it rained ... .. Call it in at times ... but the floor was wet ... and the places were grass frogs.
And it ... if ... it ... he is afraid of frogs ... ran into my house.
A ... bah .. we where we would go.

eníamos T meeting with the players at about 10 ... the idea was to be at 10 at the door .. then see.

And at about 9:40 we got ready ... (?) And we ...
Si. When I opened the door, a toad the size of a bowl of ice cream 3 / 4 (if a 1 / 2 down, and the 1 / 4 above) moved into the bushes (because yes, you need cutters givers. . .. Uh means, right?). Then she, the blonde ex ex ex brunette, squealed and jumped entered my home again.
subtly suggested that we might become a damn time ... and she asked me if I could not go out to frighten the frogs ... I got to portoncito and a run was apropicuó to me ... But there was a stretch of grass to go home to reach the village ...
forced me to do the same.
and it was. We found .. us .. and outside ... and while I secured my property .. (?) Or put her key ... or shut the portoncito ... o. .. o. .. Well, while I was doing I asked him to head for the corner .. not to see if it rained, because that what we see when we open the door. But I asked him to see if public transportation came to be paid with coins (which no one has EVER) and well ... Murphy's Law is that the momentum generated by the 2 previous runs .. having caused a bit ... or a lot. Both did not see where you put your feet .. NOT SEEN LADY LORD ... NOT SEEN.
only knew who threw his little feet up, while with one arm stopped the bondi. Just realized where she was when she felt moisture is their private areas ... When the mud took over their feet, their legs, their hands ... Dropped right there, frustrated, makeup, empilchada and angry because the driver of the group had stopped (wait subiésemos the phone, but she watched and rejoiced cruelly miamigalaqueleerróalcharcoylopisódelleno ).

If. We went on the run ... No time for fear of the baby frog. Log in and rinse, laconchatumáh. Take camperita jogging and I call the busbar déjà remis and bathroom, fuck.

As it happened, it was. Bathed while I waited in the bar. And by 11 he was ready to action. AGAIN.

You know what hurt me most of all this?
That left me muddy towel and send email over to me when I wake up I hit a peep into the pool because the lady could not find his lighter.
That in my neighborhood is fighting.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sending Books Overseas

mourning pa 'the kid. Looking

Jiuston, we have a problem ...
We broke the toilet bag.

asolteró My sister.
- Oh Yes! -
When I heard, I thought the beard, who had taken pity on me and that was to send the love of my life with Muzza and two cokes. But NO. It was only that, the neglect they did to her younger sister.
The worst thing was that I went to see her and is made hanger.
do you you think?
has 15 years, 15!
whining and go as if he had been the love of his life. Eye, was perhaps ... Lie, what's going to be that stupid.

worst thing is that there is another that already wanting to lend a pallina walks.

What's with you, Valentine?. "You know that 9 years before Zaida, was I born?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Manards Clothes Racks

(and succeeding in) new ways of being boluda.

was at the concert. Of side that was visible not the drummer, by the guilt of a dish retobar. I change my place and stay there the rest of recycled, compared to the singer, but seeing the drummer. It beautiful. Stick as the best. The dishes wiggling around him was very suggestive for my view.
After the recital, we are going to get us photos with singer
Serniotti Pichu, the singer of "Stay like that."

EAEA. All applicants gruppi, happy as a dog with two tails. There
and I get excited. Bajan
4 members of the band and desparamaditos stay in one place, there to costadete track. Ponele than 3 meters from us.
I want to take a picture with the drummer.
I want a photo with Paul, the drummer. Let's get us
photo with Paul. Delen
che, come with me! Someone
average stack. Gavi
grabs the camera and says, come on, faces that I'll pull the photo.
begin to control my redness. Respite. Practical. I control myself. Respite. Come on. Elusive
some girls ... I see it, watch it, I will stop in front and say,
- I can I take a picture with you?
To which the answer gaunt, amazed and wide-eyed: - Me?
- Yes, with you.
- Well, go ahead.
happy type.

- Thanks, I say.
I go to Gavi.
I look in the eye and say, "Was not it?" "Y. .. Not."
Oh God, this is going to get ugly .

I turn around, and the whole band was watching me with a face of WTF. And no wonder.
My friends had the same face.