Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sending Books Overseas

mourning pa 'the kid. Looking

Jiuston, we have a problem ...
We broke the toilet bag.

asolteró My sister.
- Oh Yes! -
When I heard, I thought the beard, who had taken pity on me and that was to send the love of my life with Muzza and two cokes. But NO. It was only that, the neglect they did to her younger sister.
The worst thing was that I went to see her and is made hanger.
do you you think?
has 15 years, 15!
whining and go as if he had been the love of his life. Eye, was perhaps ... Lie, what's going to be that stupid.

worst thing is that there is another that already wanting to lend a pallina walks.

What's with you, Valentine?. "You know that 9 years before Zaida, was I born?


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