Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gay Cruising North Las Vegas

Humanes de Madrid is a town that could hardly be located on a map, until today. It is a town that has a rock (Rock Park) that will, without a hard have made the first edition of one of those considered intimate, authentic. The staging was as follows: a table with a laptop, where they were pointing the lucky ones who have wanted to be there. Next to the mixing of the club of the people who served as a megaphone. All connected by one extension at the outlet of the services of Berlin Bar (One of two sponsors). There was no exit inflatable arches, drawn on the floor with duct tape and OUTPUT TARGET words. Nor was a must for the dorsal, but two pieces of tape were the times. The miles and hours did not matter much, it was Sunday morning class and we were chatting to us, people who were looking for a win, only the personal satisfaction of running for pleasure. Served as a refreshment bar tables Berlin where he found fresh water, cokes and an apple. By the way when perfectly signposted served two sources of supply point.
we all ran there, some even with a dog, two laps a circuit, to complete approximately 8,500 meters. everything perfectly specified, even if they put us on the path of the bulls. Campo, asphalt, road and plain.
Reaching the goal was at the Berlin Bar ovacinaban passionate about all we were ending and I personally shook hands and I gave thanks for participating. This was the best, in any race I have been so successful. Repeat next year.


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