Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ucla Supplemental Questionarie

Dawn ... In a busy day.

I made a voracious reader (?). I bought the book I'm reading Breaking Dawn and whenever I can (so, forever). Possibly the end of today and tomorrow, and that if I know the truth of Milan, why that is so rich and Sibarita existential truth of being human. I also know how to get the hammer case bondis emergency departments.

"I told them I'm going to college? No. I told the book and not the facu, I am well and I see ... Last night I drank 2 beers and ended Gavi renpedo and re happy because we found a song going on in Peteco's very copada and had no idea what the hell he was or who or where not many etc. I return: I'm going to facu. A seminar / workshop in Speech (No Tarade @ is not to learn to pray), recommended by a friend who was the last pass optional. I must confess that when I came to I came Booch facu descalofríos and memories (some good and other means bad, but I convinced them and finally made good). Anyway, yesterday I went to the second class and I died of red when I had to stop and give a speech to my peers. Was up to feedback (so that after they told you what an opinion about what and how you tell) - makes a hole dug earth and swallow me - . While I am not a shy person, I can hardly speak before deconocidos total, and less seeing that all around me were professional. It was not so bad at the end. I pointed a rifle with a shortened barrel shotgun, the teacher hit me with his belt and I called Martha and a fellow kicked me ankles. I came out unscathed ... Or almost.

Party best of the day: A papáymamá house.
Last Wednesday I went and as are all diet had for dinner the following: lettuce, tomato, cucumber and radish. Barbaro, I love salad ... Side strip roast!. I screwed up hungry, plain and simple. My father saw this and said that on Friday I go to lunch on Saturday ROAST . So facu after I went there, I bought a Coke (because they do not buy, it quenches thirst with water boring) and he entered the laaaaca asado. I brought a little ^ ^. Oh flesh, as I missed you!

Last week I fell asleep 2 times. The first I played the bells Albert, the second is not. Mematópordentro, I had to wake up by myself (and my partner called me to tell me cel TEPENSÁSPRESENTARATRABAJAR "? ). Both days went while cursing the fact that the music at full volume and did not wake up.

Anyway. Just live one. Reading and falling asleep. And getting dizzy with a Stella Artois and some fries.

So goes the country gentlemen, in decline.


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