Sunday, October 24, 2010

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RACE Pronin TELEFONICA (-tell me) Nice to meet

remains opened the season 2010 / 2011. There were the staunchest representatives of VAMOYAPAYA , although with some injuries and still nursing a bad cold .
This time the weather forecasts failed and the day was sunny that warmed the bodies of the riders. Equipped with kneepads, Reflex mints and we stand behind the arc out of 5 km. It was our first race and did not want to force the machines. Each one had carefully studied its strategy for the race: Javier with a week of training at the Veterans Covibar wanted to check the effectiveness of the skipping (is written like this, or is a brand of detergent?). Santi still pain in his knee that has crushed all summer had set a target to finish the race without having to resort to ice. Star respiratory problems not lose sight of the Samur ambulance for a moment and meet oxygen demand and the steep slopes.
With the kick was given simultaneous output to both races (5 and 10 km) to the shared 3.5 km route. Thank You Runners the comfortable route by wide avenues and flat that only a few sections had a slight rise. From there, well signposted the participants the 5 km race and saw from afar the building Telefónica, ie GOAL. Some were lucky enough to cross the finish line with Chema Martínez , of \u200b\u200bcourse he with 10 miles behind them and others only with 5.
As usually happens in most races, the power of the sponsors is reflected in the organization's event where no detail was spared in the case of telephone about the words.


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