Monday, November 8, 2010

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BBVA 2010 and now are four

seems impossible that four years have passed since I ran the first BBVA and yet are consumed like gatorade the end of a race fast, and you need not remember the taste. Things have changed, Jaime and Adri have evolved , matured athletically and reach infarction times (1 and 5 in its category) The rest of us maintain dignity in the general ratings (or in front or back or the opposite). This edition of Rivas, we have had heavy casualties, Estrella cold, Santi in Pueblo, Natu studying and missing Risi. The route was different from other years, ending in the Parque del Retiro, more undulating than in other years but broader and more symbolic. agree on the arrival of Mutual Friends, Luis, Santos, Eugene ... All honor and desire, of the few who can claim to have run all the races of BBVA , monsters. As he said this: San Yogin , resp├ętanos in lesions And lead us not fall into the laziness the early morning runs. Until next year.


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