Sunday, November 21, 2010

Titanic Birthday Cake


VAMOYAPAYA extends modalities and points to canicross , staying true to its philosophy "Run all you can and ask the back." It was our first race with the dog and the truth is that we have been delighted. In Guadalajara Humanes of the fourth race scoring for the Championship of Spain hosted a popular mode and stayed with the new signing Yeicob 's dog Adri the forming equipment. We attend as spectators to the federal testing and realized that was not going to be easy, because the rules are quite strict and the dog has to have a bit of openness to receive orders, which Yeicob unknown. For when the time came, the pack came out shocked and Yeicob trying to play with all dogs, lurching from right to left leading to Adrian like a comet.
soon not be the first since the establishment of the dog was to reach the bike opening the test. The rider was used to fund not be achieved. Just half of the race like lightning stood sharp gun to play with a spectator and Adri powerless to stop him harness pulled ahead. Had to stop to put it back as the runners took advantage to overtake . Yeicob again began to pull and near the finish was matched with the first, another lurch behind a dog made him lose a few meters across our target duo in second place.
has been our first contact with this type of running and we must admit we were pleasantly surprised. The very careful organization, the bag of dog / running very rich, very pleasant and waste of resources, including a popular cooked for all participants and spectators. repeat the experience. Wow, wow!


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