Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Sword of Toledo (trusty sword winner .....)

One morning in Toledo, where the mud sounds harsh, the spray painted white and breath tastes like smoke. 28/11 Sunday was held on XXXII cross the Toledo Blade. Athletes from all corners of Spain to the different testing categories. Timidly went opening day and the sun gave us with his presence a little heat. The speaker also regaled us with his incessant v erborrea, which was interrupted only with the song of the master Guerrero "faithful triumphant sword "of the Sevillano Guest. But hey, let's chronic Covibar :

Starting from the end, we had reserved the showpiece day, 9.4 km of senior and mixed promises. The race started stretch in the first round and gained the cuts apart, Jaime group was relegated to two components that were as or approached nor lurking, without reference to the goal came with his traveling companion in a 5 spot in their category (promise). Good race, but it's missing the front group.

Risi running with Jaime, raised the test in different ways, conservative in assessing their strengths early laps, having been the night before the concert, had to was seen as "rhythm." A lack of half back and changed the tone of the melody and began his solo legs, one after another, until seven runners as they were humming a song with the chorus left them behind. Came on the ninth of its kind. But the last lap reminded us that Risi of old. Other races have to wait to see if Risi is back.

test Dani went slow, stop, still. The group was comfortable and Dani in sauce for a medium distance runner in the bunch arrival possibilities offered . But they sent did not want to risk it and changed the pace. Dani as General Moscardo in the siege of the Alcázar tried to stand, but the attack was terrible was immense distance (6 km) were not seventy days as the siege of the fortress, but 20'58''that led him to fifth place. A whole epic.

Darius had a very clear goal for this race, finishing in top condition and enjoy the race. So was steadily and hurried covered the five miles of the test . Many came before him, never mind. A few others behind, not bad. Since we are in Toledo, we can compare with its cathedral. It took almost three hundred years to build but his time was the most impressive in Spain.

In the same test ran Adrián Darío. The aim was multiple, get over, get no slut, down time, not to twist your foot to sprint in the last 200 meters etc .... When you have so many goals, it is best to run out and forget about them. Thus passed one of his best races, fell almost two minutes the distance and came full of strength. Of course not opt \u200b\u200bto trophies, but in view pieces of swords that gave the winners a knife yes we will granted.

Nerea was which opened competitions 3Km female junior. Trainings are making good lately and is in good shape. And as there can be no other way the race was good, somewhat slow at first, possibly motivated by anxiety. But once relaxed by the passage of mileage came around last 600 meters of making love. One last tip, always get a positive reading on all the races, we are winners, not losers.


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