Sunday, December 5, 2010

Band Ligation Exercise After

Tajuña (Orusco)

Who was going to tell me that someday he would be in Orusco Tajuña of where all the summers spent in the car with my family to address the summer resting place. Those were the days where they still wore pigtails ...
Well, I said, yesterday members Vamoyapaya had to divide in order to fulfill our passion for running . Most young participated in Cross International Constitution (see video) and veterans we participated in the Cross I of Orusco of Tajuña. First we want to applaud the initiative of Orusco CD with great enthusiasm has prepared this race and has nothing to envy the macrocarreras that have large budgets. As early registration (free) that could be done by telephone thanked us our participation and we indicated that we would have custom dorsal .

the weather is very cold and rain, but here we meet the 250 + - corridors of the whole community of Madrid and many familiar faces. The start and finish was on the football field from where we left town with a van on a timer and several bicycles that mark the way through field. The van lost sight at 1 minute to soon see the bike broom. But little by little we made going up despite the muddy field and several hills that left us breathless, but in which volunteers were waiting to cheer with applause. As we approached the entrance to town increasingly public in the streets waiting for us. Step toward the goal made us forget a blur of 7 km of hard travel.

Indeed, the dorsal was named custom writing pen . Ole the technology.
Again it is clear that to prepare for a career does not need big sponsors , but enthusiasm and excitement to convene. Popular runners who practice running for fun and do some sport, do not need anything else.
repeat next year.
(by Star)


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