Monday, December 13, 2010

New York State Disability W-2

Things that happened while I had no Internet:

- drove the miners of Chile.
- Leo's Hospi freed.
- I cut the grass in the courtyard.
- I went for a drink with a friend and I found a bun that is not used for some time.
- years Cynthia Met.
- I changed the look.
- I realized that if I put Speedy, there is no way around it since the other Immerse yourself fail: /
- I asked the fridge that I had paid. Snif.
- discovered that there is a yellow carbon paper.
- motoencuentro I went to Las Flores and saw The Mississippi and Catupecu Machu (L )
- I took my sister and friends to see Almost Angels.
- lost cel headphones.
- Leo seasons gave me Dr. House.
- discovered the wonderful world of drinking mate in bed watching TV.
- My sister installed The Sims Superstar and live a virtual reality.
- I bought a MP4 and this time I'm going to steal because I do not know where it hide. Lerolero for the jets.
- found a bakery close to home that sells a Milanese sandwiches you die. But hey you die. I bought one that I served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was the most. Now I think when I touch it.
- years Cynthia Met.
- I install telephone wiring. Missing device, known as PHONE.
- years Leo Met.
- Leaving fucks with the kid 'and found Sanasana (exchongoexrugbiersuperhot). I broke down and had to return home without even a hint of drunkenness or recovery of bun.
- My friend Nahir I brought a cat. Boy. Eclipse baptized him. Enter the portfolio of the lady and gentleman's pocket. And it is absolutely IN-SO-POR-TA-BLE.
- First night with the cat: Just woke up (I estimate that around 5 am) put all of himself to wake up and was not satisfied until he did. And I went to work and left him locked up and only 9 hours, puto.
- I brought my old phone and walk comolort old.
- My partner gave me a phone and now it's everything joia.
- I was happily lying on my bed drinking mate and watching House when painted and went hungry to buy. Upon returning, I found in my mailbox a face de Oca, letting me know that my home had gone through to bring me the modem and I did not hear. Tequeré
- lineup the next day I hit the ring to the curb. did not come.
- The next day itself. Came. I installed and here we are ^ ^.


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