Friday, November 26, 2010

Waffle Block By Black And Decker

No frost (?)

Before making the mice will notice that I have no teeth. Posta. Years ago not chew gum. And when I eat, I look like a squirrel because I use your front teeth. Aham, my smile has spaces to fill.

clarified this point happened to tell that life without ice cream is very ugly. Especially when you're a person who lives RECAGE heat. I love junk food you . Forget
make food and store it in Tupperware in small doses. Left. Tereré bye, see you when I kill them cool. I have 3
Coke's in the middle, next to the counter. Is that heat and is no longer the same. And I go and buy another. And so on until the store closes or I run out of money and turn to canilliles waters.

refrigerator I have post-paranoia: When I go to my old stare at that rectangle white for hours, then open it and go into the light. Everything is cold in there. Everything is white, cold and more pleasant than the scorching heat outside.
me want to stick your head in there. Opening the freezer, put your hands and sink them in the frost. And scream scream ... In Muahahahaha quip that ice cubes while the walls and I rub it on your face. Empty ice cube tray inside my shirt and screaming out the yard and throw MUAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA cubes in the air and be happy in this world where there are refrigerators and keep things cold.
withdrawal crisis refrigerator is very hard. Very cruel. Refrigerators talks corporations are full of people who smoke a lot and have coffee thermos flasks. Many have hallucinations, dizziness, chills ... But the worst symptom is vomiting. The withdrawal crisis make you empty the stomach and leave you burning throat.

How much more will suffer for it?
I was happy, dude. I had a refrigerator. Had cold beer, frozen chickens, strong TV and homosexuals, crazy crazy.

Manteca miss you! I want to buy a yogurt, put it in the fridge and that I blew it there adentro.Quiero buy cream cheese and it becomes Roquefort. I feel the smell of rotten food refrigerator inside.
But above all things, what I love most is to fill this space horrendous, the immeasurable void in my kitchen / dining room. I forget the echo there.

Refrigerator, I love you.


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