Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Does 85 Mean For Hemoglobin

home. Damn

This is it. We are 155 centimeters
of tired of this shitty life.
a month ago I reported that I leave the house (yes, at least one month is better than the 5 minutes it gives you Big Brother). And I walk with the ball without looking roof handle.
That cop is that, for the love of Bono , let me fucking.
Yesterday I saw an apartment near the house of my mother, half kid, goes the same as this ... AND HAS PULLED! I mean, I complained of the allowance that I have here ... But at least I have in the kitchen sink, you see. That's a filth. Above the sink basin is 3 blocks from me in the kitchen. Not to say that the laundry room has no ceiling. And I will not leave my washing machine unprotected. So that dept. is to confirm .
Today I toured much of Ezeiza and bought more numbers Golden Pages. I called and you just convinced me. To be seen in person. Tomorrow
touches me flown by the Jaguel. I guess after desolately'll walk around Luis Guillon. Because here, in Monte Grande ... NO SHIT (And there are equivalent to a violation of 3 Africans at a time, and dry).

Anyway, I'm tired, sad and angry at having to leave (mainly because I'm living here 2 houses and my laburo that there is nothing to give ). I have wanted to eat
sinrepetirysinsoplar fourth ice cream. That just stick a nice cold Stella Artois, a pair of Dr. Lemon Vodka and then with a frizz (color of choice, I love them all equally), then eat a fool. Volvermelo ice throw up and eat. And then I fell asleep, and wake-todapegoteada a new home ... With a permanent contract:)

What will it? Is able transladar near my laburo?

PD: Tell me honestly if I was tempted to leave their rooms and subalquilarmelas. Media stack guys, I have no where to put the PC!


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