Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Result of diagnosis, after spending Javi for the "Workshop" Gasket burned, with loss of clutch fluid. Evaporated water to the washer. Torn cushions ditches and slight nod to the right of her vehicle due to failure in parallel. We recommend not leaving the garage and if it goes up hills not continuously monitoring revolutions in the plains and downs.

Podium (Do not be the last)

Any reason we better for sports. The Vamoyapaya arrived on time for your appointment, despite the change of time and one hour less of sleep. The two new members of the Club, Ana and Antonio, this islet donned their slippers. This is no longer Quie it stop! Each rider got on well studied his race strategy: Xavier and Antonio to death. Ana conservative with a lap and Star still looking at his watch. Much planning, and few nuts. The two lap, full slides, were more rapid than expected. At the end everyone agreed it was a wonderful morning.
Cristina and Mabel, the Covibar, were dropped from the race, leaving his seal of Cristina, the second in its category (46'16'') Mabel was master of ceremonies for his brother.


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