Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Color Tie To Go With Adark Blue Shirt

Claude Garnier
smoke obscures everything slips through the cracks in my feet floorboards.

The whole house, everything seems to have broken down and looks like a final, vulgarity has grown ... It has become master of the situation.

look out the window one last time. A sign outside, with red letters reads, prays: Adapt.

I separate the basement from the attic, I keep my best pictures up there. I keep them away.

is best not to start anything, sit still when appropriate, move when the time comes.

Things change, says a song cycles are met, will end the winter. Stop

not lose me say, I gather strength for wait

Harnessing quiet moments of silence and calm. Looking out the window. And ice, pure water.

returning Spring ...


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