Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wedding Dance Mount Blade Tips

I'm (almoust) back. Roh

Pipol, It's feel so good to be back! (That's me singing Eminem's ear when I get breakfast).

Cuentoles: My 155 centimeters beneath these hair cells have found homes. A house with natural gas and cable service. Already, there is nothing more to say. The theme of the move was a mess ... Few days before my mother was given by jumping off the stairs to see what happened, and happened to be made perch ankle. And my dad was not to be outdone on the bike and slammed a great time against a fourforfour ... He was admitted to VIP room and obviously Zaida was installed with the netbook there because the guy had WIFI. Question I moved in with the help of my mother and we both made shit and many bruises. But I moved. Two blocks from where I lived before, therefore a 2 blocks from my laburo. 2 blocks from the bus stop. But with a stove in the room. And cable. And the larger bathroom. And one more room. And neighbors who will not shit on the legs when you arrive at night at your house, but you get nervous when you realize that you hear everything wall to wall. Anyway ... I am happy, LET THE PARTY VIDASUNA!

I am also happy because I remembered the password to update here. Know that I wanted to do before but did not remember. Sorry for not passing
to visit your blogs but time is a tyrant (and my sister gives me the net, the more tyrannical yet).

Ah, how nice. I told them my life in 3 kicks. Another day I will tell when I turned my house alone casademam√°-from work and took 4 different groups (something that clearly is made with 2 buses) ... Well, .. I could not travel in bondi! (Yes, I was 18 CALLENS NOT WANT TO SEE THE LAUGH).


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