Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bathroom Tiles Towel Bar Replaceement Rod

close window

Hotel Le Royal Meridien. 00.53 am.

I keep sitting in front of the television: the dishwasher put their fingers in the pie plate to remove the grains of rice Savage 2 enters the bag in the loft in an old warehouse.

Stops the program. T wrath of a coin: expensive prize. Cruz, pizza

's a big commitment ... Pizza.

I hear his voice ... All this is too weird for me he says. Choose
If you keep whining, I invite to the wedding and I release that gave me the coffee ...


Prize ...

the morning, bring us breakfast in bed. Next to coffee and Nutella jar, I leave a load of optimism and a pasta roller, wrapped in a ribbon that says "slow down" ...

Inside, its Chinese name printed on an invitation from Shanghai TV programming.


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