Saturday, May 2, 2009

At What Temperature Does Pvc Break From Freezing

light April is not Easter or gipsies in the windows. It is light red carnations cheeks mouth raves. Untied

hugs among plants, hydrangeas and roses in the floor against the wrought iron fence. Mating of caged animals in the scent of jasmine gently pushed me from the pots and the arrow (oohhhh, bolt to sing) in the silence ... Insights into the light, serenity that encourages the desecration of the hooded agony.

Surrounded geraniums.

The light turns petals, the stones become petals, houses, sky, your lips, your cock, the air ... Your saliva becomes petal. Vertigo on the balcony, angry crowd. Abandonment of bare legs in the sun.

tears mixed with light devotional passion.


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