Saturday, January 24, 2009

Can A Portable Generator Be Used On A Porch

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time ago I'm not deep, superficial, deep transcendental surfaces harlequins carnival makeup, Juanes, Ferran Adrià and Wong Kar Wai. All right.

more so I do not care if you're bald or blonde, your eyes are green or hazel, midas six feet and two or if the spoon or fork is reflected as Madoz Brossa drink while I drool at kiss me or make noise while eating, not to eat.

not stand that voice put me Llongueras when you get lost without a map because I want your best Kevin Johansen to whisper in my ear "Oh, je voudrais tant your souvienne you, cette chanson était the tienne ...". But no matter.

And I like my suit jacket with heels is necessary at times "and my colored skirts because they look good on my legs and your hands to my boobs, are not what they were, your legs are no athlete but I like how you take my panties ...

And I put you, the King, with room painted on the walls, planes overhead, scribbling on the covers of pirated DVDs without biting your nails. And it is no secret that I demand less than he asked me with harshness and pauses, yes, and the crappy interior walk through the bridge railing, takes off to fly ... The exterior comes to dance when I feel like bossa navegarte. We bollywood, beauty in the window. Well worth my life.

photos by Chema Madoz


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