Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brazilian Wax In Columbus, Ga

wet cloud high voltage

life treats me gently on the edge of a dead river.

stink eight hours after he enrolled at the hotel even has a mobile to call ... Takes very little to establish contact, a taxi horn, the river stinks, is lost under the bridge, he takes power, the taxi, the river, the smell ...

life treats me with kindness and forgetfulness Quote failed? "Drowned in the storm, in your voice? "Drowned in the dirty river stirred? He stopped the clock

Eight hours recorded.

shower ... It and not stink to river. Where is the Centaur?
Sing under the clean water "in the back, looking me in the mouth and eyes" in the presence of exit and the seaman himself. Welcome to the hole on to the winter
When the ice is thin you have to walk fast

Eight hours later he arrives with cello and keyless "We have come a long way." (His voice sounds like something quiet, a tomb).

act together, survive together, I'm not the woman for making me: I like cemeteries, I'll live in your verb

fail, shoot me once

between the eyebrows

Pick a monument, a cemetery, a legion of cats ... I have naturally fear.
dawn comes with a soft notes of JS Bach or some jazz of Chet Baker
I liked and I came, perplexed ¿?... knew he would never forgive me.

The river stinks of dead: your body, mine. My body coat again, I've learned something, but ... How the hell I can tell? A rabid dog ate my insides while my tangled brain. I do not remember how fuck me ice cream on marble angel.

memory Now I'm metamorphic limestone.


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