Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lightsheer Diode For Sale


A year Retiro rides were stained blue with 16,000 runners and put on t-shirts as "never will you run alone." This time I convinced my mother (all were objections and excuses for not coming) to join me in the race. Had never participated in a popular race and was a real elite runner to put your shirt back on and made his first running shoes.
Like everything you do for the first time and she impresses you the same thing happened. So many women of all ages enjoying an environment that could not be better and with an excellent temperature. We the walking tour at a good pace and the fact is that you enjoy so much and you look at details that go unnoticed always running. Obviously the slope of the Fallen Angel is still as sharp and long, but at a brisk pace does not seem so stressful. The 6 km flew like us and reach me target my mother said: "I repeat next year." With this we add a new member in the VAMOYAPAYA, a representative in the category of súperveteranas. Have to make a hole in the cabinet room for the drinks ...


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