Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sapphire Chase Song In Ad

Valdemorillo Cross Marchamalo

When you summon a cross in a new circuit, there are things to avoid: that the first test is so early that the night is calling camera. Let there be fog, which is not given access to or near any urban area you may designate. If not ... you have to delay the tests 1 / 2 hour until the riders can go.
Covibar But the much-traveled we are arriving on time. The delay caused the warming for the first race had stop-stretch in the bar to avoid frostbite, -3 º C. After warming started the race for juveniles. Álvaro , Adrian, and Manolo Lucas after a early start of órdago and the rheum in the eye leaving with the exit massive a hard course ice cream, and strong on the slopes.

Álvaro, the first ambitious effort paid miles on the slopes of the second round. Still had the strength to correct and enter with Adrian.

Adrian, he is the trick to catching crosses, knows that his performance should be progressive and not melt in the first stakes. In the penultimate recovered 15 posts. Great race!

Lucas is a physical marvel. Despite the few races held, he looks better every day. Left forces, as demonstrated by jumping a fence two feet high, just like that in the absence of 200 m to the goal when others could not even lift his shoes.

Manolo the north. How can you run with ties to -3 º C and snowing? Cold! Came the first team, was worth the early start.
The four crossed the line almost clustered in a handful of seconds and made the 10 th place team. Good team!

Dani and Sergio. They could team up in its category. A pity! Then came in the position 14 º and 16 º with the simple motivation of running for running. Pulling calculator and view points of others could have been classified as a team for the Championship of Spain if they had two other companions, but one of them was lame.

Risi and Jaime had no team, even when there were more places to teams for the championship of Spain. Another shame! Risi had a spectacular career for which he usually does, is dropped at the beginning and started his comeback. 9 th place, 40 seconds. Jaime in the 9.5 km toughest in which he competed. A real crack!

Jaime continues to surprise. I wanted to go to the Championship of Spain and as a team was not done with the 4 th as ranked him directly. Tactical race, he left to go to Villa and Jimenez Moro who knows very well and finished last in the chase. Some tried to transition to the leading group, but it blew. Jaime was one to one dating back to go top of their group and in 4 th overall.

James IV and III of Madrid (long live the king).

is the first time you do a review on the blog to the author of many good athletes Covibar. But we will not refer to him as a coach but as a runner who is another side. In the senior trial representing the Canal, left blue impeccable taste continuous stride, as we know so far had only walked. What happened had to happen "lack of rhythm" by calling in some way thin. It is not the same thing hurdling the high jump, although both the obstacle is skipped over. We will follow closely.


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