Saturday, January 1, 2011

Brownish Slimey Period?

effects of being addicted to TV.

I realized that there is something I love, but I LOVE post:
is to identify actors. Whether in a video clip in a series, a chapter, The Simpsons or toilet paper. If I see something, I see an actor I recognize from somewhere else, I despair until I get out of where it is. Of course, now that I again had the Internet, the thing becomes easier ...
But when I saw Limp Biskit on an episode of House , or when Eminem came Funny People, I had orgasms cholulez excessive.
Not to mention when I saw Iron Man and I panicked when I realized that the special forces agent of noséquéchota was nothing more and nothing less than that ex-husband makes Cristhine in The New Adventures of old Cristhine.

Happy New Year!

Here Eminem chat with Adam Sandler and angry with Raymond.

PS: Who the fuck is Raymond? Why all the love?


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