Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chicken Pox And Masterbation

VALLECANO 2010 (4x10.000)

Another year and this is the fifth, ending 2010 honoring San Silvestre. This issue has brought us some news, as start half an hour earlier. Great, if everyone notices it and do not arrive late for an appointment with your colleagues. Another novelty is that the four waves of runners carry an interval of fifteen minutes, which makes the test in four races of 10,000 meters . This year he wanted to run the San Silvestre, has been let off steam without agglomerations or funnels.
The organization has been a little austere than in other years and we missed some screen and a music group, encouraging the halfway. But it has been supplied with the warmth of the people, that this year if it has gone overwhelmingly to the street. In terms
short, the journey was as follows: those of the Mutual arrived late and did not see during the race, but I've been told that this year have run to gorging . The times obtained are similar to those of other issues, so we give them the nickname "the guardians of the hour."
Star and Javi , not to spend the year scratches last three were wearing jerseys , two raincoats, four hats and an umbrella. At km 2 had plenty to socks "summer temperatures." Adrian
the early risers came out with the first wave of the rapids, is found in Navarrete km 2 and were in Charleta to 3, after reaching goal were looking to finish conversation. Santi
walked the first three miles to Estrella and Javi , with its characteristic smile. Arriving at the Puerta de Alcalá, the was staying, was winding down, it was stopping, dismounted, walked, shuffled his feet and then stopped. Later he went running but it was not the same. "And you can put the batteries."
Jaime, Risi and Gamino, participated in international another level, with the elite with crem crem of . You need only see the graphic a broker with one of popular elite, while the first depending on the terrain goes up and down the pace of the race, the elite of h0rizontales are straight .
time since 47----------
32'37''Gamino # 102 ------
time 34'22''Risi
as 118 - time ----------
34'34''(there is nothing more to say)

Moreover, this year more than 35,000 souls were in Vallecas , this is an epidemic with no cure or vaccine. We are condemned


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