Monday, February 21, 2011

Average Cost Of Fitness Bootcamp

GALAPAGOS ( mud to the ears)

requirement for participation in the canicross Galapagar: Learn to swim and enjoy skin treatments with mud. Once there the same as always, this is already a great family spends a day in the field with binge included.

The hour of departure approaches, the workshop tell us the rules of play and the race course, passing beside a cross, yes this is the highest point of the hill over angled, the highest mountain we had ever seen, or so it seemed to us. Also warn us that everything is completely muddy, but not to worry about that at the end of the route would pass by an automatic rinse, then in effect to complete the route should cross a river about 40 cm deep and 3 or 4 feet wide, camaraderie camaraderie would stay. The race begins

Yeicob Adrian and his faithful companion out guns without fear of anything that stood in his way, we hide our loyal viewers as usual, we see Adrian in the distance the first, but .... Suddenly the wind changed direction, we vented Yeicob smells, despite being very hidden, and feel, not to continue, many will forward at the time, but this time Adrian did not give up and finish the race, not the first but not the last (promise not to leave the car next time.)

reversed, rather, harnesses shot, now I am just at the start, frightened by the cross, we warn that the popular race will not have to go up to kiss her but that the river would also have to cross, lest the whole Manchare village of mud.

The Cross nicest I've ever run, accompanied us the time, people, dogs . But what can I say, if this is the first time I run, but hopefully not the last.



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