Saturday, July 10, 2010

White Red' Wine Stomach

Live The Regatta July 10, 2010

Platú are
The third test that was given to the wind direction (90 º) and 7.5 knots

17:15: New output for Platú 25 at 15:45. Wind east (105 °) and intensity of 7 knots. Changing this tour (090 º)
Arrival of the second test
Revoltosa Pix1 Anna Mora
Recreate Medilevel SeaWorld

17:10: The Committee gave a second output for Platú 25 with south wind (175 °) and intensity of 5.5 knots. The wind hit a strong wind shift and moved to the east (110 degrees). The Committee overturned the test.

17:05: First start of the Platu 25: 14:53. Wind south (175 º) with very weak intensity: Arrival first test
Platú 25: Carpantxo, Noisy Jabato, Pix1 Anna Mora, Rogue

17:00: The fleet is in the Tabarca , wind from east surdeste, with more intensity. The Power Plate has lost much ground and has been behind. Aser goes a long afternoon.

16:45: The wind continuously rola, seems to want to blow from the east and varies in intensity in the long race. CAM has first passed through the Tabarca with the spinnaker up and could get more than an hour Plis Play

14:36: The RI 2 begin to get to Cape orchards. The wind blows with an intensity of 10 knots
13: 15: 25 lifts Platú committee postponed the race course in the Platú, wind constantly rola surdeste this with margins of over 30 and 50 degrees. Light winds of 5 knots.

12:20: Plis Play browsing very slow. Power Plate, RI 1 seems to take the lead in the sea. Board has chosen the sea in their approach to Cabo Huertas and seems quee doing well. VA
ahead with considerable advantage. Behind him and away, tons of Luis Senis. In the distance, and by the seaside, Grespania Phonemovil hand in hand, and behind them Cuadernos Rubio.

12:15: CAM from the beacon of Cabo Huertas.
Little wind. Unstable race course, with wind holes MUCHS doldrums. CAM turns and choose the land board to begin their approach to Tabarca.

12:10: RI3 valid output. The wind has fallen in line output. Lean and Mean Mascarat Peñíscola together and watched as twins, take the exit port tack together looking for the right side of the field. Valid output
MKIII, turns to stand next to Peñíscola Mascarat, but miscalculated the maneuver and addresses to Peniscola. The fleet shoved directly to
12:00: wind grounder to 150 º (to the east. Surdeste southbound). The Committee reset the starting line and get the output of RI2. Output Valid
, City of Ceuta by side viewer, looking for center Swinazo right side

11:50: Departure of the RI 1. The fleet comprises r side of the viewfinder. Power Plate extraordinary output, close to the viewer ship near him, CAM. By the middle of the line notebooks Rubio and Plis Play

11:45: The wind seems to have stabilized in the south (170 º) comienzq Committee for the output device of the RI 1

11 : 30: unstable wind direction surdeste with left and right roles. intensity 5 knots. The Committee raises Adjournment

The day ended yesterday riot, feast in the village and 8 protests that stretched late into the night and resulted in: Disqualification RI Rocinante 1in the first test yesterday. Disqualification
Guipuzcoa in RI 2 9:30

Hello earth wind and good atmosphere. Breakfast racing sailors and strategies on the dock.


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