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CAM, Tufted, Zumaia Guipúzcoa and Lean & Mean, take the special trophy 'Tabarca'

In the absence of a test, CAM, Power Plate and preserved intact Swinazo champions options RI

Noisy Axel Rodger, the best Platú 25 of the day

long but exciting Day at the Bay of Alicante with a strange and shifty wind in the so-called 'long race' that is characterized by a return to the Isle of Tabarca. CAM, Tufted VII, Zumaia Guipúzcoa and Lean & Mean, were awarded the trophy Tabarca. The consolidated results today as leaders in CAM, Fernando Sánchez Luna lion and Kilo in RI0, Power Plate, Gustavo Martinez, RI1, Swinazo, de Borja Espinosa, RI2, and keeps Lean & Mean as leader of the XV Tabarca City of Alicante Trophy. Tomorrow is the last and final. Noisy Platú 25 was the best class, which started today its participation with a score of participants

Plenty of sunshine, little wind and conditions very unstable weather in today's sports day on the bay of Alicante with over 80 units in competition.

Race Tour Long Island Tabarca

All RI faced to win the long race, the traditional test that identifies the Tabarca Trophy city \u200b\u200bof Alicante. Travel 30.8 miles for RI0, RI1 and RI2, and RI3 17.01 miles for the Promotion and RI.

The wind was weird, shifty and unstable for most of the test. Predominantly southbound exit and weak intensity, produced a race course with very different areas and quiet areas. Gradually tended to roll to the south east and then east, to finally instituted eastbound when the fleet passed through the Tabarca, with an average intensity of 10 to 12 knots .

Under these conditions, the participants suffered a lot. Just managed to maneuver in the early stages, and then face a tight end in the most advanced units finally managed to impose their advantage.

CAM sentence RI 0

IN RI0 the absence of a day, the new IRC52 CAM, the Olympic Kilo Fernando Sánchez León Luna, based on the RCR Alicante, today sentenced Tabarca trophy and also made the 'Trophy Tabarca. " CAM chose well to departure, the seaside to Cabo de Huertas and perhaps failed to choose the board lands on your left by the wayside Tabarca Island. As the wind shifted and rose, the CAM pulled all its power and made a brilliant return. Plis Play CAM was earning more than 17 real and 26 minutes were reduced to 7 and 8 on handicap.

Tufted wins today's race, Power's leadership in RI1

Complicated things were in the 'long race' for RI1 , who met with very different situations. The Comet 41 Power Plate, Gustavo Martinez Doreste and sailors of the caliber of Noluco Doreste on board, gave a lecture on race course during the first leg. Made an extraordinary output close to the viewfinder and took the lead with such enthusiasm that came to overwhelm the Plis Play, which competed with the cam in RI0 class. With the arrival Tabarca, the Comet 41 Power Plate lost his lead and lag. The IMX 45 Bye Luby, Michael Sanchez, was his best winds and the strategy was right, was positioned in front of the fleet of RI1, and managed to sign the both of being the first real-time to cross both as the final sprint .

But it was the Dufour 44 Tufted VII, Senis Lui, based on the RCN Castellón who gave the C's and took the greatest part of the class. Very powerful at all times, the 'old fox' of Louis Senis knew kept his line and managed to retain his title as champion trophy Tabarca, achieved in 2009.

RI1 In general, Power Plate, James Monk, of RCN Gran Canaria, consolidated its lead over the First 45 DK Notebooks Rubio, Enrique Rubio, the RCN Valencia, who wins a as to overcome the IMX 40 Grespania by Luis Hernandez, the RCN Castellón, who is keeping his options on the podium.

Zumaia Guipúzcoa Tabarca Trophy points and more Swinazo leader in RI2

The X-37 Sport, Zumaia Guipúzcoa, has found his best day during the day today after sign your 'black day for yesterday. And yesterday everything went from bad to worse for the Basques of Jon Obeso. Suffered a collision in the second round and stayed with a good 'hole' in the aft starboard wing during the second test. And finally to fix it, were disqualified by the judges, who understood that 'the fault was theirs. "

With these conditions out to sea ready to 'keep the type' during the regatta with an interim arrangement in the hull.

In the first classification, the passage through the checkpoint, the Dufour 40 City of Ceuta, Sergio Llorca, there was real and corrected time by just one second ahead on handicap on Zumaia Guipúzcoa. But in the section across the line, but to make time, Guipúzcoa Zumaia pointed to a very dear victory, and awarding the trophy Tabarca. Second apposition to the GS 37 Swinazo, console to its advantage as leader general, and third for the city of Ceuta.

Lean & Mean, special trophy champion and leader of RI3

Much can change things, or not in the class RI3, which is by far the most controversial of the XV Trofeo Cruise Tabarca RI. And the rivalry between the Dufour 34 Peñíscola Mascarat, José Luis Franco, and the Lean & Mean 31 Archambault, Dominique Luna, has been total and absolute, with a closed marking between the two units. Addressing at the exit of Drac One Ton, MK3 on Mascarat First 30 Antariana triumph in passing the checkpoint, followed by the Confortina 32, Maire, Peniscola and Lean Arcahmbault comeback &Meane; and Dominique Luna 31, in the final stretch, to get real first and cleared. Only half a point located at the Lean & Mean Mascarat Peñíscola. Tomorrow they will go for it.

Win In RI Arican Promotion of Francisco Ortiz, of Akra proving, Juan Rodríguez Marín and Vorm, Salvador Paya.

Noisy best in Platú 25

cruises While performing their 'offshore race' with a special trophy, the Platú 25 competition began today with a score of registered units and an eye in World class to be held between 18 and 24 July in waters of Alicante. The partial victories of the day went to: Carpantxo, Jesus Pinto, the RCN Vigo in the first, the unruly, Jaime Pont and Axel Rodger, the RCN Valencia, in the second, Pix 1 Anna Mora, Oriol Bou, the RCN Barcelona, \u200b\u200bin the third, and SeaWorld, Alvaro de Haro and Javier Padron, CV Marine World, in the fourth. The sum of the general at the forefront of the Revoltosa classification with 12 points, ahead of Anna Pix Carpantxo and Mora.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the final race for the RI and four more for Platú 25 to from 12:00 noon


RI 0

1 .- CAM (IRC 52) Fernando Leon / Kilo Sánchez Luna - RCR Alicante / RCN GC-1 +1 +0.5 +1 = 3.5 p

2 .- Plis Play (FARR 520) Vicente García - RCR Alicante - 2 +2 +1 +2 = 7p


1 .- Power Plate (Comet 41) - Jaime Monjo / Gustavo Martínez - RCN GC-1 +1 +1 +2 = 5p

2 .- Cuadernos Rubio (First 45 DK) Enrique Rubio / RCN Valencia - 2 +3 +2 +4 = 11p

Grespan 3 .- (IMX 40) Luis Hernandez / Fernando Rives - RCN Castellón - 3 +2 +3 +5 = 13p

Porrona 4 .- (Dufour 44) Louis-senile RCN Castellón-6 +1 +8 +0.5 = 15.5

5. - Witch (First 47.7) Alberto Castro-RCN Valencia - 5 +6 +7 = 21.5 +3.5


Swinazo 1 .- (GS 37) Borja Espinosa - RCM Sotogrande - 2 +1 +1.5 +2 = 6.5 p

3 .- City of Ceuta (Dufour 40) Sergio Llorca-CV Gale-4 +2 +0.5 +3 = 9.5 p

Guaguanco 2 .- (First 40.7) Thierry Lallemand - CN Altea - 1 +3 +6 = 13.75 +3.75

4 .- Pajuelín Benidorm (Salona 37 K) Miguel Alberto Noriega - CN Benidorm-7 +4 +4.5 +9 + = 21

Modark 5 .- (X-37 Sport) Asier Garcia - CN Castro Urdiales +7,4,5 5 +9 = 25.5

RI 3

1 .- Lean & Mean - (Achambault 31) Dominique Luna - RCN Denia-2 +2 +1 +1 = 6p

2 .- Peñíscola-Mascarat (Dufour 34) Jose Luis French-UPV-1 +2 +2 = 6.5 +1.5 p

3 .- Demon Dojo (First 33.7) Jerome Cartagena, Fernando Antón-4 +4 +2.5 +4 = 10.5 p

Enewtec 4 .- (First 34.7) - Francisco Miguel Garcia - 3 +3 +3.5 + 6 = 15.5

5 .- Maire (Confortina 32) - Pedro Jose Antonio Brotons-RCR Alcicante - 10 +5 +1 +3 = 19

Platú 25

1 .- Revoltosa - Jaime Pont / Axel Rodger - 2 +1 +3 +4 = 10

Carpantxo .- 2 - Jesus Pinto - CRN Amadora - 1 +3 +5 +3 = 12

Pix 3 .- 1 - Anna Mora - RCN Barcelona Oriol Bou - 4 + 2 +1 +12 = 19

4.-2 Medilevel Recreation - Ignacio Campos-RCR Alicante - 6 +4 +2 +9 = 21

5 .- Jabato - Luis Alberto Sanz / Manuel Sanz - CN Moraira-3 +8 +7 +5 = 23


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