Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bathroom Vanities Navy Blue

abandon the race

Little wind in the race course and very, very hot.
The Committee stood adjourned at 12:00 hours and carried out continuous measurements of a thermal wind began to do the same thing yesterday:
Southern Light, shifty and uncertain to the east ... with a tendency to fall ... then who knows? "Move east?
At 12:15 the Committee site down and began the starting procedure of the south wind (175 ยบ) and 6 knots. Tour 2 (5 sections) for RI 1, RI 2, and RI0. Route 1 for RI3 and Promotion.

valid output in the three cases with the fleet grouped by the Committee.

But the wind did strange, and around 01:30 hours The 'floats floating' rather than sailing. The Committee canceled the test. Currently
is waiting to see if it is canceled the day of competition also


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