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Resumen Informativo: CAM, Power Plate, Swinazo, Lean&Mean, Mundo Marino y Arican, campeones del XV Trofeo Tabarca Ciudad de Alicante

The top-level competition continues at the World Platú 25 from Sunday

IRC CAM 52, the Comet 41 Power Plate, the GS 37 Swinazo, the Archambault 31 Lean & Mean, Arica RI Sea World Promotion and 25, were crowned champions on Sunday Tabarca XV Trofeo Ciudad de Alicante, who has played between 8 and 11 July in the RCR Alicante. This year the competition has been very close and there have been moments for surprises and excitement. CAM, Lea & Mean and Arica were also the Special Trophy champions Tabarca while Tufted and pointed Zumaia Guipúzcoa on both the 'long race' in RI1 and RI 2 in. In Platú 25, with 5 races held, three-way tie for first place and top honors for Sea World. The XV Trofeo Ciudad de Alicante Tabarca has been a scoring round in the Cup of Spain Levante RI and Memorial Juan Moreno de la Comunitat Valenciana. The Gold Diana XXXIX Denia, next weekend, crucial to the Juan Moreno.

Maximum emotion in the Bay of Alicante, last weekend (8 to 11 July) between Friday and Sunday has hosted the XV Trofeo Ciudad de Alicante Tabarca.

With a total of 84 units distributed among RI0, RI1, RI2, RI 3-4, RI Promotion and Platú 25; More than 700 sailors and two race courses, Alicante has become the national center of the wing and has shown so much I could give of the World Platú 25 to be held between 18 and July 24.

The wind did not miss over Friday and Saturday, but was more lazy Sunday.

On Friday, after a night of sea and wind, the race course of RI presented much swell, wave and address cross rolando surdeste this, which allowed the holding of two tests for the class RI0, RI 1 , RI 2 and RI 3.

On Saturday, July 10, entered in competition the Platú 25, 19 in total, showing World Cup win, and the IR Promotion. The very light wind blew from the south at the time that was out of the 'Long Race' for RI. 30.8 miles to the RI 0, RI 1 and RI 2, while the RI 3 and RI 4 were on a journey of 24.3 miles on a direct course to the Isle of Tabarca. But the prediction was fulfilled. Gradually the wind was veering to address this and instituted intensity rose to over 12 knots, with gusts of 16 to step Tabarca. The Platú 25 underwent 4 tests.

On Sunday, July 11, the wind also proved lazy with the race. Came loose from the south (175 º) and allowed RI output for all that had to be canceled after this fall and roll over. In the field of a test Platú 25 southerly wind of 5.5 knots.

Around 14:30 on committees of the two camps gave suspended the competition for the fall of the wind.

CAM, unrivaled in RI0

The new IRC 52 CAM, the Olympic sailors and Kilo Fernando León Sánchez Luna, RI0 had no rivals in the race course in Alicante. Four out of four, glared at his opponent, the Farr 520 Plis Play, the Alicante Vicente García. With this new victory, CAM is undoubtedly one of the most decorated ships of the XV Trofeo Tabarca City of Alicante, with 10 consecutive podiums from 2001 to this issue and 5 top-class champion in 2001, 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2010)

Power Plate: rolled in RI1 seniority

No crew

wrong with Tabarca XV Trofeo Ciudad de Alicante, but there were veterans of emergency on board the Comet 41 Power Plate, based on the RCN GC. Owned by James Monk and Gustavo Martinez Doreste to Reed, was left over from Olympic and World Cup, as Noluco Doreste, Roberto Molina or Jorge Forteza.

The outputs of the Power Plate and tactics were impeccable, worthy of mention. On Friday dealt with authority over units like the IMX 40 Grespania Castellon of Luis Hernandez, who ended the day in second place overall, and the First 45 DK Notebooks Rubio, RCN, based in Valencia, who could not impose Alicante authority expressed in Castellon and Valencia.

The 'long race "on Saturday imposed its conditions. The success of the Dufour 44 Tufted VII, Luís Senis, and Power Plate to take the sea aboard the first stage was the best guarantee of victory. Tufted became the first in the two tests computable and Power Plate consolidated his position as head of the table. Rubio managed to pull himself to notebooks Grespania the second position and maintained the type but fell to third place.

Following the cancellation of Sunday's race, was the final provisional and the Canary Power Plate rose to victory in the XV Trofeo Ciudad de Alicante Tabarca. Special Trophy Tabarca was for Tufted Castellon VII.

Swinazo, the best in RI2

Competition in RI 2, with 25 units in competition, was buzzing from start to finish. On Friday, two general calls (when most of the fleet 'out soon') forced the Committee to make a third and final exit 'flag black '(The ship was located off the line a minute before the start was disqualified from the event). The RI 2 seemed to reason. Still, everything happened in the race course, had to be evacuated a crewmember from Demon Dojo and there was a spectacular collision between the X-37 Sport Zumaia Guipúzcoa, Jon Obeso, of ZuamiaBela and Modark, Asier Garcia, CN Castro Urdiales, generating a 'gap' in the town of Zumaia Guipúzcoa and subsequent disqualification by the Committee.

Swinazo The GS 37, with Juan Luis Paez at the helm and based on the RCM Sotogrande, was the most consistent and copaba the first place overall followed by First 40.7 Guaguanco, Thierry Lallemand, based on the CN Altea, which incorporated a strong young crew. The Dufour 40 City of Ceuta, Sergio Llorca, was third.

On Saturday, the best in the long race was Zumaia Guipúzcoa, which was removed in this way, the spine for the poor results on Friday and subsequent disqualification. Ceuta reigned in real time, but his time was insufficient to compensate for time. With the results of the day, Swinazo, de Borja Espinosa, consolidated his championship title, followed by three points for the City of Ceuta and 7.25-Llorca Sergicio Guaguanco, Thierry Lallemand.

The cancellation of Sunday's race confirmed the champions.

Lean & Mean it gets into RI3

In RI3, and sung the rivalry between the Lean & Mean Archambault 31 skippered by Dominique Luna, the RCN Denia, and the Dufour 34 Peñíscola Mascarat, Joseph Louis French, UPV CV was more apparent than ever.

The first Friday was for the Peñíscola Mascarat, but the second was for Lean & Mean. Technical draw in front of the rankings, with the unity of RCN Denia ahead to be the ultimate victory. Third in the interim, the First 34.7 Enewtec, Francisco Miguel, Cn island. With these cards, the game on Saturday was to death. But here, everything happened. MK III approach at the start of Peñíscola Mascarat, very light wind up to Tabarca, forcing the crew to make the greatest sacrifices and gave the greatest benefit to the locals as the First 30 Antaviana, NC Santa Pola, or Concertina 32, Maire, José Antonio Brotons, RCR Alicante.

In the first step of control scoring, third Mascarat exceeded half a point to Lean & Mean. Uploading

wind to pass through Tabarca where Mascarat Peñíscola gear broke. Lean & Mean took the lead, and finally imposed on arrival a real goal and cleared. Dominique Luna, a classic solo sailors and took up racing conditions that favored him most to be crowned champion of the 'Regata long' and undo the technical tie with Mascarat Peñíscola half a point in its favor.

Peñíscola still hoped to regain its leadership Mascarat in the last race on Sunday. But the fall of the wind was his greatest enemy and after the cancellation of the race of the day and watched helplessly as the RCN Denia Dominique Luna won them the game in Alicante, by half a point. Third on the podium 33.7 First Demon Dojo, Jerome Cartagena, the RCN Torrevieja, skippered by Frederick Anton learned to fight until the last second to secure the podium in Alicante. RI

Promotion Arican victory

registered with eleven units, the RI Promoting participation began and ended Saturday with the Round the Island Tabarca. Arica, Francisco Ortiz, winning both tests. Second was Akra, Juan Rodríguez Marín and Third, Vorm, Salvador Paya.

Platú 25: Triple tie at the top of the table!, SeaWorld wins

With four races held on Saturday and Sunday, the rivalry was absolute and the enormous possibilities. If Noisy Jaime Pont and Axel Rodger, the RCN Valencia managed to pull himself up to the top on Saturday, followed by Carpantxo of Jesus Pintos, the RCN Vigo and SeaWorld, Alvaro de Haro and Javier Padron, CV Marine World Sunday was the last and final light winds and shifty.


Marino's victory, the second recreates Medilevel of Nacho Campos, RCR Alicante, and the third Carpantxo, left no doubt about what may happen in the World Cup starting next Sunday, 18 when they meet over 100 units equal in the race course. Triple tie at the top of the table to 10 points from Sea World, the Unruly and Carpantxo.

The three accounted for a partial victory in his marker and 10 points in the total count, but applied to discard after 5 races and being the last to get the win, Mundo Marino had the upper hand and the championship title Tabarca XV Trofeo Ciudad de Alicante. Ratings

RI 0

1 .- CAM (IRC 52) Fernando Leon / Kilo Sánchez Luna - RCR Alicante / RCN GC-1 +1 +0.5 +1 = 3, 2 .- 5p

Plis Play (FARR 520) Vicente García - RCR Alicante - 2 +2 +1 +2 = 7p


1 .- Power Plate (Comet 41) - Jaime Monjo / Gustavo Martinez - RCN GC-1 +1 +1 +2 = 5P

2 .- Cuadernos Rubio (DK First 45) Enrique Rubio / RCN Valencia - 2 +3 + 2 +4 = 11p

Grespan 3 .- (IMX 40) Luis Hernandez / Fernando Rives - RCN Castellón - 3 +2 +3 +5 = 13p

Porrona 4 .- (Dufour 44) Louis-senile RCN Castellón-6 +8 +0.5 +1 = 15.5

5 .- Witch (First 47.7) Alberto Castro-RCN Valencia - 5 +6 +7 = 21.5 +3.5


1 Swinazo .- (GS 37) Borja Espinosa - RCM Sotogrande - 2 +2 +1 = 6.5 +1.5 p

3 .- Ciudad de Ceuta (Dufour 40) Sergio Llorca- CV Vendaval- 4+2+0,5+3= 9,5p

2.- Guaguanco (First 40.7) Thierry Lallemand – CN Altea – 1+3+3,75+6=13,75

4.- Pajuelín Benidorm (Salona 37 K) Miguel Alberto Noriega – CN Benidorm-7+4+4,5+9+=21

5.- Modark (X-37 Sport) Asier García – Cn Castro Urdiales 5+7,4,5+9=25,5

RI 3

1.- Lean&Mean – (Achambault 31) Dominique Luna – RCN Denia- 2+1+2+1=6p

2.- Peñíscola-Mascarat (Dufour 34) José Luís Francés- UPV- 1+2+1,5+2=6,5p

3.- Demon Dojo (First 33.7) Jerome Cartagena, Fernando Antonio-4 +4 +4 +2.5 = 10.5 p

Enewtec 4 .- (First 34.7) - Francisco Miguel Garcia - 3 +6 +3 +3.5 = 15.5

5 .- Maire (Confortina 32) - Pedro Jose Antonio Brotons Alcicante-CPR - 10 +5 +1 +3 = 19

Platu 25

1 .- Marine World 25 - Álvaro de Haro / Javier Standard-7 +5 +2 +1 = 10

2 .- The rebellious - Jaime Pont / Axel Rodger - 2 +1 +3 +4 +4 = 10 3 .-

Carpantxo - Jesus Pinto - CRN - Vigo 1 +3 +3 +3 +5 = 10

4 .- 2 Medilevel Recreation - Ignacio Campos- RCR Alicante - 6 +4 +9 +2 +5 = 17 5 .-

Pix 1 - Anna Mora - Oriol Bou RCN Barcelona - 4 +2 +1 +12 +12 = 19

Island Champions Trophy Special Tabarca:

RI 0: CAM (IRC 52) Fernando Leon / Kilo Sánchez Luna - RCR Alicante / RCN GC

RI 1: Tufted Dufour 44 - Luis Castellón


RI2: Zumaia Guipúzcoa - Jon Obeso

RI3: Lean & Mean - (Achambault 31) Dominique Luna - RCN Denia

RI Promotion: Arica, Francisco Ortiz-RCR Alicante

Memorial Juan Moreno: Próxima cita, la XXXIX Diana de Oro del RCN de Denia El Memorial Juan Moreno es un trofeo creado por la Generalitat Valenciana y la Federación de Vela de la Comunitat Valenciana con la colaboración del RCN Castellón, RCN Valencia, RCR Alicante y RCN de Denia, que premia la suma de los resultados obtenidos por las unidades de RI en las regatas: Costa Azahar del RCN Castellón (24-27 de junio); Trofeo SM la Reina del RCN Valencia (1-4 de julio), Trofeo Tabarca Ciudad de Alicante del RCR Alicante (8-11 de julio) y Diana de Oro del RCN Denia (17 y 18 de junio).


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