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forecasts are not met: CAM, Power Plate, Lean Mean Swinazo and early leaders of the XV Trofeo Ciudad Tabarca Alicante

The wind came true to his appointment with the RCR Alicante and allowed two tests in each class

Forecasts not met and the favorites, with the exception of the CAM, were unable to meet its commitment in the first day of racing the XV Trofeo Tbarca city of Alicante. The IRC 52 RI0 CAM, Power Plate (Comet 41) in RI; Swinazo (GS 37) in IR 2 and Lean & Mean (Archambault 31) in RI3 are the first leaders of a competition where the rivalry is total and absolute. The wind came true to his appointment with the RCR Alicante and an average intensity of 8 to east 12 knots (Levante) allowed 2 tests in each class. Tomorrow come into action Platú RI 25 and played the traditional long race, turn Tabarca.

The day dawned with bright sunshine and light winds from north-east, which were gradually drifting in a Levant (085-09 °), with an average intensity of 8 to 12 knots, which allowed two competitions for each of the participating classes: RI0, RI1, RI2, and IR 3.

The first test consisted of a tour of four sections 7.2 miles . The second was a tour of five sections of 9 miles for RI0 and RI 1 and four sections of 7.2 miles for RI2 and RI 3.

CAM and Plis play, hand in hand RI0

Happy Together. Although the Committee had intended to add the class to that of IR 0 RI1, changed his mind after the meeting of standards and come after an opinion dissenting in RI 1. The crews of the IRC and Farr 52 CAM 520 Plis Play and celebrated also objected to what already seems a classic match race between them in water Alicante.

Both units had their first outing with the RI1, but then graded separately. CAM earned a Plis Play by 2:58 and 1:13 on handicap.

Plate Powe gives real surprise and RI 1 offset

Excitement and surprises in IR1 class, where 41 Comet Power Plate, Javier Monje, Gustavo Doreste at the helm, he knew caught her rhythm and flavor to the race course and sign the first two real and corrected time.

The Comet 41 Power Plate did really well and was on the limit all the time. The First 45 DK Notebooks Rubio made his best outings. The first followed the CAM and sought aft end of the race left. Power plate, more conservative, sought to end but stayed in the media, and slowly pulled was standing in front of the fleet. Units like Grespania by Luis Hernandez also planted face remained stuck in the wake of Notebooks Rubio, who became the 'enemy to beat. " Meanwhile, the Power was free and the results are certified as exceptional leader RI1. In the interim general Power Plate, followed by Grespania in second place level on points with notebooks Rubio.

Swinazo, de Borja Espinosa triumphs in RI2

Two general calls (Repeat out because much of the fleet has crossed the line early) and from the first test with black flag (ships outside the line at the last minute are disqualified from the test) give an idea of \u200b\u200bwhat was in the class competition RI2, with 25 units in line output.

La potencia de los RI2 fue increíble y la espectacularidad mayúscula durante las dos pruebas de hoy, en las que el gran triunfador fue el GS 37 Swinazo de Borja Espinosa, con base en el RCM Sotogrande.

Y es que favoritos, al final, fueron todos y unidades como el Ciudad de Ceuta que llegaba con ganas apenas si encontraron huecos en el campo de regatas.

En la primera del día, con un recorrido de 4 tramos de 7,2 millas náuticas (One mile equals 1852 meters ), The First 40.7 CN Altea, Guaguanco triumphed in real and corrected time, followed by Swinazo to 37 seconds and the X-37 Sport Zuamia Guipúzcoa to 52 (on handicap). On the second day, with a similar path and wind over 12 knots, collision forced to retreat to Zumaia Guipúzcoa. At the finish line first in real Dufour 40 City of Ceuta, which he failed to get enough time to compensate for differences Swinazo. Sotogrande's had the upper hand for 50 seconds on the City of Ceuta and 1:50 seconds on the First 40.7 Guaguanco. In general, leads Swinazo classification with 3 points, one ahead of Guaguanco and 3 of Town of Ceuta.

Lean Mean get it on RI3 / 4

In RI3 with a large fleet, the rivalry between Mascarat Peñíscola and was again evident in the sea. Hand in hand, both units looked for victory and finished carving up the wins, with distance on the rest of the fleet, which, in turn, was led by Enewct ..

On the first day, ( 7 miles ), Victoria real and Mascarat Peñíscola offset, from 1:25 to offset the Lean & Mean Arcambault 31 Dominique Luna. Third Enewtec. In the second, which was Lean Mean imposed getting real and compensated with a lead of 1:14 seconds on Peníscola Mascarat. He repeated Enewect Demon Dojo was third and fourth.

In general, tie between Lean Mean provisional leader with Mascarat Peñíscola.

Tomorrow Saturday, come into play Platú 25, they were registering to this day. The RI held its traditional long race to the island of Tabarca, with routes 30 and 26 miles nautical. The flight is scheduled at 11:30 am.


RI 0

1 .- CAM (IRC 52) Fernando Leon / Kilo Sánchez Luna - RCR Alicante / RCN GC-1 +1 = 2p

2 .- Plis Play (FARR 520) Vicente García - RCR Alicante - 2 +2 = 4p


1 .- Power Plate (Comet 41) - Jaime Monjo / Gustavo Martínez - RCN GC-1 +1 = 2p

2. - Grespania (IMX 40) Luis Hernandez / Fernando Rives - RCN Castellón - 3 +2 = 5p

3 .- Cuadernos Rubio (First 45 DK) Enrique Rubio / RCN Valencia - 2 +3 = 5p

Phonemovil 4 .- (X-41) Jose Ignacio Vicent - RCN Valencia - 4 +5 = 9p

5 .- Rocinante (MF 42) José Antonio Martínez - CN Altea 6 +4 = 10


Swinazo 1 .- (GS 37) Borja Espinosa - RCM Sotogrande - 2 +1 = 3p

2.- Guaguanco (First 40.7) Thierry Lallemand – CN Altea – 1+3=4

3.- Ciudad de Ceuta (Dufour 40) Sergio Llorca- CV Vendaval- 4+2= 6p

4.- Pajuelín Benidorm (Salona 37 K) Miguel Alberto Noriega – CN Benidorm

5.- Modark (X-37 Sport) Asier García – Cn Castro Urdiales 5+7=12

RI 3

1 .- Lean & Mean - (Achambault 31) Dominique Luna - RCN Denia-2 +1 = 3p

Peñíscola-Mascarat 2 .- (Dufour 34 ) José Luis Franco-UPV-1 +2 = 3p

Enewtec 3 .- (First 34.7) - Francisco Miguel Garcia - 3 +3 = 6

4 .- Demon Dojo (First 33.7) Jerome Cartagena, Fernando Antón-4 +4 = 8s

5 .- Turf Tigre (Dufour 34) Juan Rodriguez - RCR Alicante - 5 +7 = 12p


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