Thursday, June 17, 2010

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VIII Race Against AIDS (The race safer) LIBERTY CAREER

And when I say "the safest career" I do not have a point. In the 2000 parishioners who were little more than half are health personnel, organized as the Medical Journal. So you can twist an ankle, you can affix to a tree or you can give a faint, that the moment you'll have six or seven diagnoses in situ. Then there are those who take advantage of the fact and go the whole race recounting symptoms to get medical advice. I take even one that to take a rectal tract, or perhaps these were not the race .... Outside
AIDS jokes race is the best concentration of people wanting to play sports and have a good time, there some running. How do they do it?
1) Free - Of the few that remain
2) Municipality-T technique, gatorade, bananas etc ... Two years ago had supplies in km 2. This year they changed by an animator with music.
3) Travel 4.5 miles. Best, when you start running, you're coming.
4) Environment House. Flat route between trees
5) Parking to 100 meters . also free and shade.
6) Open bar condoms. To celebrate
Finally the taste of yesteryear, when racing was nurtured of people who were the first time I ran without any goal, only participate. That smell pioneer who has disappeared from the big races, where more and more people going to death and does not serve anything more than his stopwatch, and I say that is bad. But in this race, I do not know that the runners take an extra relaxation, talk, talk, observe, discuss, they encourage, are rien, support, stand, walk, continue ......


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