Sunday, April 11, 2010

Genital Herpes Contagious

MADRID HALF MARATHON 2010 (a party with friends)

bodies are not motivated to run half marathon when your team has lost the previous day 0-2 against Barcelona, \u200b\u200bbut like many things in this life, not dependent on you that defeat but ending one of the most impressive careers in Madrid. There was no excuse and there we were.
The early start of the epoch-making, the kind that you remember when one day you come home at dawn after a night out. This year we miss the parachutists landing on the starting line. Yes were several companies of soldiers with their impeccable training roaming the streets of the capital.
We had a clear goal for this race after a poor preparation, at least for me, and a cold that left me standing 15 days, just hoped to finish. Star had been more regular and I was more motivated. It was a surprise in the first kilometer meet some coworkers who had long since we saw, talks, laughs and without realizing account were collecting water bottle km 10. We had good pace 6 '/ km and better company. The heat began to tighten and saw the first pajaronas . Without realizing account were entering the Retiro, climbing up the slope of Fallen Angel, which I must say, "spare" because after 19 km a wall of these features remains something unattainable, impossible, as a mirage, a hallucination. But hey, a little later what is left of you applause goes from to applause from the people you are encouraged in the home straight and finish, finish, finish.
If we make a comparison with the previous year, better times, we ran with good company, we more whole, more satisfied . But previous year did not lose Madrid the previous day.


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