Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Spy Six Arrows In Papercity

tank and is

es un Hopper , claro
¿Cómo explicártelo?

Esto es como...
...un crucigrama sin espacios en blanco, el aplauso rezagado en el teatro, el último verso de José Hierro. O Àngel Gonzalez, word on word, wind, or the guitar.

As the disc turns the lights on the bar, restful sleep on your chest in your embrace. Or sneak gunned down or piss on a fire. As the last kick of the hanged, the signing of a mortgage, trafficker leaving his undefeated through customs.

Embrace newly calved off the taxi at the airport and not look back ...

Or throw the bouquet over her shoulder
fire the last guest or
"leaf color your eyes closed verse."

As off to go ...
seal the envelope with sealing wax,
read a will or press "send."

Pull the string,
sit at the seat in the clouds
and leave your life in the hands of the pilot ...

O in the recycle bin.
Or the end of the transit of Pluto
party (with Messi scoring the three-to-two)

Like brushing your teeth before bed, a shout of joy to fuck you, a Martinu by Panocha in Josephus, wish and blow out candles or put a name to a painting, spending the last cent, return your keys to your apartment or get a jump on the subway car about to from and smile.
As Sorolla and a look at three renoir through your camera that caught my eyes, I knew I was alive after the little death, not Romeo Juliet wake up (I know that the reverse was tremendous). Or be the Oscar de Bardem, a jug of cold water, a "not what it seems", kisses in the dark in a hotel in Madrid ..

As escribirnoslo ten times ten, and pixels.
As the clock reveals to us on each tick, tock in each of his final silence: this is resolved.


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