Monday, January 14, 2008

How To Write Happy Birthday Bubble Letters

offer him ... The King is dead

Tremendous visual impact meet your hand, your fingers, your eyes, your shoulder, your nakedness prudish, you impudent look. Terrible

not tell you how I know you have challenges and I've tangled between syllables and verses, although I know it's not me you look at the nipples, or write. That perfect balance between gaze and verb yours that makes me feel eerie electric shock, the satisfaction of running up and stop getting out of breath in the air in flight, let me take two drafts, fly your water and your sands, quench the thirst for beauty with your lyrics, earning the break in the sun, shiver-glee in your verses.

applaud and leave quietly, applaud and stay silent, holding their breath, lest he notes, so you do not know that I came to read you and made me glow with pride because I rediscover the joy that makes me your writing : the pleasure of meeting with all sides of your expression, your perfect geometry.

Bello is your rudeness, believe me, I did enjoy and the more I read the less I know how corresponderte. So I left quietly, without a trace.

Now, here, only occurs to me now give your eyes ...

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